Tuesday, December 16, 2014

How Coded Pictures, Badges and Book Covers Can Mess Up Your Blog

by M. J. Joachim

You know what they say, one bad apple spoils the whole bunch! I read a blog post over the weekend that really got me thinking about all those badges out there, and how their codes might not be so good for our blogs. The thing is, we all use different computers that interact with different blog platforms. Who’s to say how adding code to include pictures and badges on our site will affect us?

I’ve taken to the idea of making screen shots of photos, badges, blog awards, book covers and anything picture related at all lately. It prevents the unnecessary code of all things coded from messing up my blogs. If I need or want to add a link, it’s easy enough to do. I simply grab it from wherever it’s found and attach it to the photo or badge in turn.

As a woman, I know it is very necessary to clean out my purse from time to time. No harm, no foul. The darn thing just gets very full and cluttered with receipts, other people’s junk, change, pens and pencils, make-up etc. I need to clean it out periodically, because it weighs too heavy on my arm if I don’t.

The same holds true for our blogs. Added code from anywhere - photos, badges, blog hops, book cover reveals etc. weighs down our blogs as well. They run slower, don’t format correctly, get glitches and are difficult to navigate, which is why we need to keep them clean.

Oh, that and the fact that that post I read over the weekend mentioned something about spammers using badges and blog hops to steal our page views from us, or give us computer viruses and such. Spammers can write any code they want, and if we are none the wiser, we might get burned by including their code on our blogs. While this is a valid and important concern, my main thought is that I just want my blogs to run as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Here’s to keeping the blogosphere clean. Take a screen shot and leave the unnecessary code off your blog. After all, it’s your blog and you alone are responsible for how well it works and what it has or doesn’t have on it.

Thanks so much for visiting, commenting on and sharing my post today. I hope you find it helpful and informative.

M. J.

©2014 All Rights Reserved Photo credit: Screen shot, Oh How I Miss You Blog Hop Badge