Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Book Review: A Cure for Little B*****ds by Calum MacKinnon

by M. J. Joachim

Keeping in mind that this is a book written for children, I suppose if I were an eight or nine year old little brat I might find A Cure for Little B*****ds extremely hilarious. Never mind the fact that I take issue with the title, considering it is a children’s novel.

Antic after antic after antic…followed by more antics, all so completely out there and nonsensical! Yawn! Even the grownups were bad! Nod, raise head, open eyes more fully, stretch neck, yawn some more.

I was bored. It could have been much shorter. It needed to be edited much more, and not for length alone. There were typos, a few words misspelled. I’ve always heard you should put a period after Mr, Ms, Mrs - there aren’t any in this book. Since it’s geared for children, I think proper punctuation should be a given. Do we really want them learning all of our bad writing habits, because we don’t correct them in our professionally published works?

In a roundabout way, there was a shell of a story filled in with a lot of filler. Did I mention the story needs to be edited? Okay, so I wasn’t overly impressed. In fact, I wasn’t really impressed much at all, except for the creativity and imagination it must have taken to write this thing. MacKinnon is very creative and expressive both in his writing and his artwork. There are many of his original illustrations throughout the book.

Onward and upward. My reading list won’t get whittled down if I don’t keep reading. Thanks so much for visiting, commenting and sharing my post today.

With warmest regards,

M. J.

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