Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Writing Guest Posts for Other Blogs

by M. J. Joachim

How you think about writing guest posts matters as much as getting your name out there to help promote yourself and your work. Think of it as an opportunity to share a sample of your writing with another group of possible fans. If you write a guest post for the sole purpose of self-promotion, with no meat, no guts, no glory, you won’t be doing yourself any favors.

Guest posts should be written with the blog owner in mind. Study the blog you want to guest post for, to get a feel for the tone and style of writing there. Chances are this blog already has a fairly nice following and quite a few fans of its own. Your guest post should rightfully be tailored to this group, showing not only that you are a good writer in your own right, but also that you are versatile, flexible and able to write words that inspire, educate and reach the masses.

It’s not as difficult as you might think. Consider the blogs you already follow, the ones you visit regularly, whether you leave comments there or not. These are the blogs you are naturally drawn to, so you already know how to write guest posts for them. 

Now think about the blogs you’d like to get to know better. Start visiting them more frequently, so that by osmosis you pick up on some of their traits. Incorporate little things you’re learning into your own style of writing, for the sole purpose of changing things up a bit, to provide a little added flavor to your own work.

Finally consider the blogs that are completely out of your comfort zone. You’d never want to write for them in a million years, but that shouldn’t stop you. Think of it as an exercise in creativity, a challenge to learn to be a better writer.

Now start writing - not for your blog, but for each of the blog types mentioned above. Write three guests posts, one to submit to each of their audiences. Look them up, see how to contact them and ask if you can send a guest post for their blog.

Most bloggers are thrilled to receive guest posts. I know I am. I drop everything and get them published as soon as possible, because I appreciate the extra content for my blog. My posts are the ones that get put on hold, while their posts go out right away. Not all bloggers can put their own work on hold so quickly; perhaps they’re in the middle of a series or something. However, many bloggers would jump for joy to receive extra posts for their blogs.

Think of blogs like mini-magazines. Get to know them and what they do. Learn their style so you can do it too. Query them to see if they’d be interested in receiving a guest post from you. Then send it asap, so they have it at the ready. Hey, if they decide not to use it, you always have extra content for your own blog this way. What’s stopping you? Write a guest post today!

Please pass this one around so we can generate a lot of guest posts out there. I hear they are very good for marketing and promotion, as well as building lasting and treasured friendships here in Blog Land.

Thanks so much for visiting and commenting on Writing Tips. Your guest posts are always welcome here, and your support is way more than appreciated.

M. J.

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