Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Welcome Distractions when Reading, Writing & Reviewing

by M. J. Joachim

My husband looked at me with curiosity, as he was heading to the kitchen to peek at dinner on the stove. I shrugged and said, “I probably would have put this book down and not finished reading it at all, if I hadn’t promised to review it.”

“That bad, huh?” he said

“Not great, okay I guess,” was my reply.

Whenever I read slow, opting to put the book down for any welcome distraction, I know it’s not going to get the best review from me. As I continue reading it, I almost plead with the pages, “Please, say something, anything that will surprise me and make me give this book one of the best reviews I’ve ever written.”

Lazy writing will ruin a book for me every time. These are the books that may have been proofread, but not with an editor’s eye, the one’s where a minimal number of typos are scattered here and there. Minor words are missing, probably in the rush to get the thought out. I always notice those. Small details are to be assumed by the reader. I don’t assume anything when I’m reading, because it’s the twists and turns that often make a story come alive.

I’m going to keep reading this one. Maybe it will surprise me by the time I finish it. In the meantime, I’m going to welcome the distractions and take my time reading. I’ve done that before, and it was always better for the author in the long run.

Thanks for visiting, commenting on and sharing Writing Tips today. Your encouragement and support of this blog is always appreciated.

M. J.

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