Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Just Being a Writer Today

by M. J. Joachim

Today started slowly as I sat on the couch drinking my coffee. Thoughts were racing through my brain. By rights I should have been sitting at the keyboard getting them out before they disappeared, but today was not a good day for that. I needed to embrace my thoughts, mull them over and let them simmer. 

It wasn’t about being productive, something I’ve been working overtime on for the past few weeks. It was about waking up slowly and just being in the moment, knowing I had way too many things I should be doing today, realizing I probably wouldn’t finish all of them anyway and being okay with however the day played out, because being a writer isn’t always about sitting at the keyboard, typing and publishing the words. Sometimes being a writer is about just being.

“Just” is one of those words I try to catch myself using, because frankly, I think I just use it way too much in my writing, so I just try to catch it and avoid using it, but it just so happens that “just being” is the most accurate description of what I’m just trying to say right now.

I also need to just thank Alex for mentioning me on his blog today.

And I just need to invite all of you lovely people to join a new group I just started in the Google+ Communities. It’s called Effectively Human, because it’s about us and people matter. I do hope you’ll check it out, join and maybe just share it with whoever you know who might just like to join too.

There now, you see what just sitting on the couch, drinking coffee and just embracing the moment can do for a writer. The words just flow, and then I just type and publish and everything is just swell.

Remember, your posts and work promotions are always welcome here. There’s no way I can read all the books I receive asking for a review in a timely manner, which is why I’m opening up this blog to all of you. You work hard writing, publishing and marketing your books. I know that, because I’ve written and published a few of my own. This is just one more avenue for you to share and promote your work, because I appreciate you and it’s one small way for me to give back to all of you for your encouragement and support of my work here. Please send your posts to:

Thanks you so much for visiting, commenting and sharing my blog today. I hope to get to know you even better in our Effectively Human Community.

M. J.

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