Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hold It! Stop Everything! Write What You’re Thinking Right Now!

by M. J. Joachim

Well, wait until you finish reading and commenting on my post first, please. That’s what I meant to say in the title, but it would have been way too long…

I was in the middle of vacuuming the couch cushions when suddenly it hit me. I had a brilliant blog posts entering my brain, and if I didn’t sit at my computer and start typing, it was at risk of evaporating into thin air. I couldn’t let that happen, so I put the vacuum hose down, walked over to my computer and started typing about writing guest posts for other blogs.

I’ve done this before on numerous occasions. It’s how I write. The writer in me insists on it. I’ve dropped plates heading for the dishwasher right in the middle of the kitchen floor, only to sweep them up after the writing was done. I’ve shoved things off the kitchen table, because I needed room to create the original crochet pattern I would post on my blog.

I’ve stopped drinking coffee, something those who know me might not believe, all because the words came, inspiration happened and I wanted raw, unfiltered bliss to get them out before they went away.

It’s happening right now, in fact. Not less than five minutes ago, I was drafting the post about writing guest posts for other blogs. It’s done now, and this one is being typed above it. Today could be a banner writing day. The couch won’t be any worse for wear, though it does need to finish getting vacuumed, and that will happen today no matter what.

I’m a little bummed though, because as I’m typing this post, another is fighting to break loose, and I can’t stop typing this post to get it down above this one. Perhaps it will come when I start vacuuming the couch again. Poor couch was supposed to be done days ago, but I was busy typing as fast as the ideas would come.

Writers must write. They must set priorities and make it happen. If they don’t, they lose. It’s not about practice. It’s about doing. I don’t practice writing or crocheting. I write and crochet. I don’t practice cooking either. I either cook or I don’t. It’s a choice because these are things I’m good at and I don’t need to practice them anymore.

Stop saying you want to be a writer and be one. Have confidence in yourself and know that it happens every time you sit at the keyboard and type, whether you publish what you write or not. Get in the zone and believe what you already know. You are a writer and you either write or you don’t. That’s all there is to it at this stage in the game. It’s about doing what you do, or wondering why you didn’t.

Thanks so much for stopping by, commenting and sharing this post today. Your visits really make me smile. You can’t see the personal reaction, one of the drawbacks of working on computers, but if you could, it would make you smile too. Yea, it’s contagious, just like when you smile at someone in line at the grocery store. Most of the time, they just can’t help but smile back.

M. J.

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