Saturday, November 8, 2014

Book Review: Soul Searching by Shaheen Darr

by M. J. Joachim

Poetry speaks a language all its own, often stirring unrequited emotions destined to reach the depths of our being, as they engage us in the ever challenging journey to live and let live. Soul Searching by Shaheen Darr explores a vast world of human emotions through her poems. She touches on humanness in all its forms - searching for hope, destined for greatness, powerless and fleeting, healing and embracing, living and dying. 

Each poem written by Darr in this book has the ability to punch you in the gut, encouraging you to open your eyes and see the world around you, not just as a place to live or exist, but a place where people depend on people, evil has its due and love can conquer all. Very real issues are explored, things like prejudice, famine, gender bias, health and wealth.

Soul Searching is a book to tend to, reading its poems time and time again. Though I read it from cover to cover for this review, it is a true poetry book, the kind where you keep it around, open it to any particular page, read a poem and reflect on how it speaks to your soul. It is a book I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys poetry and this journey we call life.

Thanks so much for visiting Writing Tips today. May verses inspire you and love keep you whole.

M. J.

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