Tuesday, November 11, 2014

5 Tips to a Better Marketing Strategy

by Elizabeth Cooper

Marketing, the absolute worst part of writing a book. We get into writing to write not to be a sales person, but all of us inevitably find ourselves marketing our books. When I think of marketing I think of poison ivy, it's itchy and annoying and never goes away. As a self publisher, marketing should always be a part of your thinking process.

When I first started writing my book, I knew I was going to self publish, but I didn't even think about the marketing aspect. I never took into consideration I would need to be my own sales person and unfortunately I knew nothing about selling. I did a lot of research through the process of beginning to sell and launch my book, I made plenty of mistakes and successes. I want to share these tips with you, to make your marketing journey go a little smoother.

Part of marketing is just getting yourself out there, making your name known to others, sharing your opinions and building a community. The best way to do this is to start a blog. Find something you enjoy talking about and share it with others. Let people know you want to help them.

Tip #1  Start a blog and start it early.

As soon as you are thinking about writing start writing a blog. This will help get your name out there and build a community. Also add a like page to your Facebook account, let others know you’re a writer/ starting a book. Have fans before your book is even on sale.

Tip #2  Pick a social media site and stick to it.

There are tons of social media sites to be a part of. The problem is, finding the time to keep up with all of them would be nearly impossible. Find a few that work best for you and stick with them. Update them regularly, share articles that will help others or tips on your trade. I choose to use Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Google+.

Tip#3  Ask and you shall receive.

Don't be afraid to ask for likes or shares on your social media platform. People are 70% more likely to like your page when asked.

Tip #4 Keep with Community.

Remember your success is because of your community and followers. Make them a part of what you are doing. When you post something ask their opinion, ideas or thoughts. Say WE did this together, WE made it possible. This will help make your community feel involved and a part of your work.

Tip#5 Free is always better.

Admit it, people like getting things for free. Limit the amount of times you post asking someone to buy something. Give away most things for free (ie your blog posts). Maybe write a short story or have a marketing plan to giveaway when subscribing to your blog. When I use social media platforms like Instagram and post about a book release, I usually keep it up on my sight for a few days and then delete it. That way when someone searches for me or scans through my posts they're not turned off by seeing my marketing. We know marketing is something that needs to be done, but it doesn't mean we always like to see it.

So get out there and market yourself and remember to start early. Starting early will save you a lot of time in headaches in the long run. I was a procrastinator and was forced to cram, do yourself a favor and don't wait like me.

If you would like to learn more on the topic, or would like to have a personal conversation with me on marketing or book writing in general. Message me on my website. Feel free to leave a comment or question. I love hearing from you.



It is such a pleasure sharing Liz’s experiences of writing and marketing with you. We all know marketing is part of what we authors do, so being able to learn from each other is vitally important. Thank you, Liz for taking the time to be a valued guest on Writing Tips. 

I think “community” sums it up pretty well. We are all one big community, whether we are writing and promoting, reading and subscribing or offering moral support for the journey. Without each other, we’d get nowhere too fast. With each other, even when it seems we’re taking two steps back, for each step we move forward, at least we know we’re going in the right direction.

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