Saturday, May 3, 2014

Movie Review: Safe Haven

by M. J. Joachim

Based on the book by Nicholas Spark, Safe Haven is the story of a woman seeking shelter from the storm. Her courage knows no bounds, as she does whatever it takes to free herself from the nightmare that has become her life. Finally, she is free, but not without constantly looking over her shoulder, and with good reason too. 

A mysterious friend and new love interest enter the scene, allowing her to let down her guard (just a little bit) and open her heart to life again. She knows better, and the film takes on an action/adventure journey easily considered a nail-biter, edge-of-your-seater joy ride, where viewers can only wonder who will be left standing, if anyone at all.

Safe Haven is a chick-flick, one even guys might enjoy. It’s written and directed well, and definitely worth a couple hours of your time.

For those who have ever conquered fear, and that those who haven’t never need to. Thank you for visiting and commenting on Writing Tips today.

M. J.

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Photo credit:  Avanduyn, Cycle of Abuse, Public Domain