Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Negativity Almost Never Leaves Your Audience Happy

by M. J. Joachim
Updated 11/13/15

Negative writing can destroy your reputation. I mean, who wants to read a bunch of negative words, griping and complaining all the time? That’s not to say you need to be happy and jovial all the time. It is to imply you should consider your tone, and minimize the harshness of your words, if necessary.

Negative writing is a lot like venting, except you’re venting on an unsuspecting group of readers. There’s almost nothing that will make me hit the back button or put a book down faster, than when I feel bombarded with some nasty, ill-mannered writer who doesn’t want to do anything but explode and blow up the entire world with them.

Expressing negative thoughts is a worthwhile thing to do. I’m doing it here in this post. However, I’m not bashing anyone or spewing anger and hate all over the place. I’m simply expressing my point of view, stating that I personally don’t like to read negative writing, and I won’t waste my time doing so.

How do you feel about reading negative writing? Does it put you in a bad mood, or do you choose to ignore it and move on? Do you try to understand and empathize with the writer, or are you more inclined to leave him be, wishing him all the best, and hoping he isn’t too bad off?

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M. J.

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