Saturday, April 26, 2014

Book Review: The Well of Being by Jean-Pierre Weill

by M. J. Joachim
Updated 11/13/15

Based on 18th Century Italian philosopher and mystic, Ramchal, Weill produced an artistically crafted adult picture book, which is sure to delight and capture the hearts of anyone who sees it. It is a picture book for people of all ages, certain to delight anyone who reads it. 

One of the things I truly like about The Well of Being is the message of healing it offers, with lessons about how to overcome the negative messages we so often give to ourselves as humans. Weill does an excellent job of exploring how we communicate with ourselves, often dismissing our best qualities in favor of conforming to society’s demands on us.

The other thing that stands out so beautifully in this book is the artwork. Weill is an amazing artist, depicting pictures that could easily stand alone, without the few beautifully crafted words on each page. Each picture is uniquely painted in such a way, that you almost feel like you are visiting an art exhibit. Weill’s artwork is quite simply exquisite and aesthetically pleasing for his audience’s pleasure.

The Well of Being is a coffee table book, one all owners will be proud to display in their homes. It will definitely be added to my Recommended Reading page, with every encouragement that many people will find as much delight in owning it as I do.

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M. J.
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