Friday, April 25, 2014

Book Review: Vladimir Putin, The Controversial Life of Russia’s President

by M. J. Joachim
Updated 11/13/15

Strikingly current and informative, Vladimir Putin, the Controversial Life of Russia’s President by Charles River Editors, is a book everyone should read. From an historical standpoint, this book shares valuable information about one of the world’s most influential leaders of current events. 

Vladimir Putin is KGB, capable of doing almost anything, and in my mind, after reading this book, biases from previous perceptions aside, he’s a narcissistic madman. History is doomed to repeat itself - think WWII, should he continue on the path he’s carving for Russia’s future, in light of his world views and strict claim for old-world Russian culture.

Charles River Editors composed a biography of Putin that is both enlightening and frightening, given Russia’s past history and the President who holds it so dear. Putin’s ideologies and philosophies are readily present, dating from their formation in his youth through present day. Included in this book are numerous references to events dating as late as March 2014, detailing interactions with former Russian President Yeltsin, President Obama and various political associations, all of which he seemingly has little or no tolerance of, should they differ in any way from what his premeditated plans are; he is willing and capable of doing almost anything, to form the world according to his own views of how it should be.

This is not exclusive of causing panoramic chaos, in my mind making him a viable political threat as a leader on the world’s stage. Understanding what Vladimir Putin is capable of and how his past plays into his present leadership is vitally important for all of us, as this man has the potential and willingness to bring great harm to many - indeed he already has done so, and will continue to do so if the opposition to his leadership doesn’t stand strong in the face of his ill-attempted global policies and old-world philosophies.

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