Monday, April 14, 2014

Book Review Request: Living Nude Statues by George Arthur Laureau

by M. J. Joachim
Updated 11/13/15

Receiving a small PDF sample of the book, and never one to turn down an offer to review (even if it does take me quite a while to get through all the books on my list), provided the books are sent to me free of charge via the Internet, I invited Lareau to send me a mobi or PDF copy of his latest work, Living Nude Statues. The file he sent via dropbox was huge. My computer gave me a few bells and whistles, warning me with a couple of red flags about it. I proceeded to do some computer scans and “poof,” it disappeared, without any trouble to my computer whatsoever.

None-the-less, I wanted to offer a few comments regarding this new book of Laureau’s. It’s a coffee table book, one you’d probably put up if the minister or any prudish family members or neighbors might be visiting, and definitely one you wouldn’t have out, if there are young kids living in your home. The couple of photos I saw from his initial inquiry were unique and artsy enough, if you like that sort of thing.

Laureau is a photographer (an older man), specializing in nudity. Young women model for him. In Living Nude Statues, he poses them in the buff, then body paints them and poses them in different settings - on a vintage car, in front of an old brick building or window with curtains blowing wispily around them.

In reading some of the comments on a few of his web profiles, I sense he’s into erotica, perhaps even the porn industry a bit. Young girls hoping for a break schmooze him in the comments, seemingly desperate to catch a small break in their quest for some elusive modeling career, one they’ll sacrifice a lot for, in hopes of being discovered.

Still, there’s no discounting that the few photos I saw were pretty good, as far as photos are concerned. I have no desire to own the book, didn’t try to download it again after the mishap with my computer the first time, and am really not into glamorizing young nude women trying to make their way in the world.

He calls them “bodyscapes.” And clearly, he enjoys the photographic process of making his pictures turn out just the way he wants them. I say to each their own, and I sure wouldn’t send my daughter to him for a photo shoot. There are plenty of ways for young girls to enter the modeling field, without stripping off their clothes for him and his pinhole camera.

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M. J.

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