Thursday, March 13, 2014

Blog Hopping Badges, Manners and Etiquette

By M. J. Joachim
Updated 11/13/15

When you go to a party, proper manners require you thank the host, by making some sort of kind gesture or comment, for the invitation and hospitality received in your favor. Just as the host makes a point to greet you in turn, you make a point to appreciate their reception and kindness. 

Blog hops are pretty much blog parties. Bloggers are invited per their interest via the web. People accept the invitation by signing up for the blog hop, and when the time comes, they join in the blog hopping fun, by posting theme related content on the designated day(s). Blog hop badges are readily available for invitees to post on their blog, making it easier for all participants to identify those in the hop. There’s more to it, however. 

Displaying blog hop badges, and linking to the host site when you participate in blog hops, is proper blog etiquette and quite frankly good manners.

Your host is giving you an opportunity to meet new bloggers, receive more page views and comments and help promote your blog. Thanking your host by displaying the badge they provide seems only right, polite and a nice way to thank your host for putting on the blog hop and inviting you to attend.

Update 11/13/15

I personally don't advocate signing up and participating in blog hops anymore, because all that linking can have detrimental affects for your blog and your blogging adventure. However, there are ways to participate in blog hops without actually linking all over the place. You can easily find a blog hop, write a post for the theme on the set date and time, and hop to everyone you find participating, without adding your link to the master list. It's a bit more work, but I believe it is much safer for your blog. Also, take a screen shot of the badge, so you don't add all that code to your own blog.

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M. J. 

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