Monday, March 10, 2014

Birthday Theme Ideas for Your Blog

By M. J. Joachim
Updated 11/13/15

Birthdays provide some great opportunities for themes and writing blog posts. There are so many ideas that stem from them.

Family Member Birthdays – Use this opportunity to list family members, both past and present, to write special thoughts to loved ones, or share something unique and special about them with your audience.

Birthstones – Write about each birthstone, birthstone color, gems related to birthstones etc. Research the history of birthstone, as well as the history of each stone and its significance throughout time.

Dates, Months & Days of the Week– Get creative with this one. Try some foreign languages, pig-latin, even made up words. Talk about days family members were born on, the actual numbers and symbolism; use a thesaurus and dictionary and you’re sure to find something for each letter of the alphabet with these.

Famous People/This Day in History – Celebrities celebrate birthdays too. Follow the month of April or tie in their birthdays with people you know. Let history lead the way, as you write about things that happened, inventions that were made and all sorts of other trivia people will undoubtedly enjoy!

Food – Who can resist it?! Share recipes and special birthday dishes on your blog. List different types of birthday cakes and alternatives to cake. Write about different cultures and the types of dishes each prepares for birthdays.

Celebrations – Offer some quick and easy decorating tips. Discuss the history of birthday celebrations. Share birthday game and party ideas. Birthdays on a budget anyone? How about lavish birthday celebrations, or compare the two. Discuss how different cultures and societies celebrate birthdays, or delve into the religious aspects of birthdays, considering how and when the first birthday was celebrated, and even including religions that don't celebrate birthdays, as part of your theme.

Still stumped on how to come up with a letter for everyday? Combine all of the above, and use a general birthday theme on your blog.

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