Thursday, February 13, 2014

Book Review: The Rebirth of Dino Earth by Pat Hatt

by M. J. Joachim

With a clear message for the little guy, Pat Hatt once again entices us with a children’s story that will delight all audiences. The Rebirth of Dino Earth is full of excited animation, twists, turns and a compelling, unexpected ending. It is an encouragement to all who have been bullied, a warning to all bullies.

Ozzy Esha’s illustrations are not to be missed in this vibrant children’s story, one I’m sure will be read over and over again, when children, parents and grandparents sit down to devour its rhyme. The partnership of Pat and Ozzy is a perfect fit, maximizing the thrill of reading this entertaining story.

Written and illustrated with excellence, but more importantly, written with a sense of courage and hope, Hatt demonstrates the power of writing full circle. From beginning to end, we find ourselves on a journey with The Rebirth of Dino Earth. We are introduced to the characters, their dilemma, a bit of chaos, their resolve and ultimately their solution – a result that is as surprising as it is appealing.

My writing tip for you after reading this story is to make your story come together naturally. Allow the end to fulfill the beginning in a satisfactory way for your audience. Let your words flow from one scene to the next with purpose, gently blending each scene, as if woven in the finest tapestry of words.

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M. J.

Btw, Pat Hatt is one of many participants in the A – Z 2014 Challenge. His blog, It’s Rhyme Time is not to be missed. Have you signed up for the Challenge yet?

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