Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Movie Review: Olympus has Fallen

By M. J. Joachim

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It’s one of those things you never want to imagine happening. Then again, after 9/11, I believe we all know it could happen – the White House being taken over by terrorists, mutilated, destroyed and in battle.

To say this movie is disturbing is an understatement. Yet, as I sat on the edge of my seat, covering my eyes from time to time, being disturbed was the least of my problems. This movie was a reality check, one far too many of us don’t want to believe can come true.

Gerard Butler makes for a great hero, Morgan Freeman a true United States President, seeing us through catastrophe. Morgan Freeman’s role was so much easier to believe than Butler’s, btw.

Tugs on my patriotic heartstrings could not be ignored. This movie kicked me in the gut, reminding me once again what our Military goes through to keep us safe in this country. I’m a die hard patriot, and this movie made me want to stand up and salute the men and women fighting on the front lines, ever aware that taking our freedom for granted is not, and never will be an option.

Still, it was a bit unbelievable at times, watching one hero take on an entire army of terrorists. Never mind that the real president disregarded protocol, ultimately putting our United States in harms way. He was in the bunker, when Freeman had to take over to save the country.

And yet, it was almost too real not to believe it could happen, should we ever be foolish enough to let our guard down. We are America, however, and true to form, we always come out on top, shining the light on the top of that hill, a beacon for all, welcoming them to the home of the free and the brave.

You’ll want to see this movie. In fact, I might even watch it again.

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M. J.

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Photo credit: Zach Rudisin, White House, CCA – Share Alike 3.0