Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Author Spotlight: Nicki Elson

by Nicki Elson
Updated 11/6/15

Nicki Elson, author of Divine Temptations, which is listed on my Recommended Reading list, has graciously accepted my offer to share a little bit about herself today. Thank you, Nicki for this delightful post.

M.J. asked for a post about the non-writing side of me. Coming up with something has proven shockingly difficult. Because, you see, my non-writing life is pretty boring. I live in the suburbs of Chicago with my husband of 20+ years and 2.5 children (with the half child being a sassy bunny wabbit). When I’m not doing the thing I’m not supposed to talk about in this post, I do regular mom-of-teenager things and various marketing thingies for a local retail boutique. I also take on occasional editing projects, and when I do, they consume me. I like to get out in my yard and do a bit of gardening. I also enjoy working out, reading, and eating…cooking, not so much. Most of my extended family lives nearby, so there are always family gatherings, and I have lots of wonderful friends that I occasionally get together with, though not as often as I should. See? Perfectly—and blessedly—boring.

But don’t stop yawning yet. I grew up in the western Chicago suburbs—my parents still live in the same house—and I went to college at Eastern Illinois University during the 80s. Those were some pretty good times, as you can see by my big grin in the photo (me and my hair are in the middle, and I’m happy to say that I’m still friends with the lovelies on either side of me). I earned a BS in Finance, and after graduation I took a job in the city at an investment consulting firm. My salary was embarrassingly small, so I thought the best way to preserve my dignity was to take advantage of the company’s 100% tuition reimbursement policy, and I earned my MBA from DePaul University. Somewhere in there I got married to the bloke that stuck during the college years.

I landed a good job at a small but prestigious consulting firm in the city, bought a cute house in an affluent suburb, and was living the dream. Except on the way to my stressful job each morning, I started thinking about stopping in the middle of the train tracks and not moving. That didn’t seem like a good sign. But not to worry, I had a ticket out: babies. I’d been a tyrant with the finances because I wanted to be able to stay home with my kids, and with the good Lord’s cooperation, I was able to. Once free of school and job, my obsessions turned decidedly creative—in the form of home decorating, landscaping, themed parties, clever cakes, intricate invitations. The kids went to school, and my next obsession was the grade school PTA. I loved those years, but as always seems to happen, I found myself in over my head, and I de-stressed by finally indulging in that thing I’m not supposed to talk about in this post. I think you can guess the current obsession.

Nicki Elson

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