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Author Spotlight: Debra Borys

by Debra Borys
Updated 11/6/15

Debra Bory’s is the author of Bend Me Shape Me, a book listed on my Recommended Reading page. She has graciously accepted my invitation to share a little bit about herself on Writing Tips. Without further ado, I present to you, Debra Bory’s response to my invitation.

MJ has presented me with a challenge. She has invited me to write an autobiographical-of-sorts guest post that will give readers of my work some insight into who I am and how I grew to be this way. The challenge is two-fold. First, I am not at all sure myself of the answer to either question. Secondly, I recently asked this myself a few months ago on my own blog, so how do I address the subject without sounding repetitive?

If you read the post linked above, you will see it is written in a rather cynical tone. I admonish my readers to “fear the love bug” because it may bite. Yet, just the other day I wrote a post entitled “And Love Remains” which portrays me as a romantic and sentimental woman, rather than a cynic. Which picture is the true me? The answer, of course, is both. No, I don’t have multiple personality disorder (not that’s ever been diagnosed at least) but who doesn’t understand that we are all many layered in our personalities and experiences?

This dichotomy is reflected in what I write, and one reason I chose to publish some of my work under the pseudonym Deb Donahue, which was my maiden name. My Borys books and stories reflect the dark side of life that I truly believe we must look at and address rather than try to ignore and gloss over. Always looking on the bright side might the best method of dealing with pain and loss for some, but it has never been my preference. As I say in About Me on my Debra Borys site, “It’s how you deal with the darkness that counts.”

The Donahue side of me, like the young child/woman I was at the time, clings to the good that is out there, too. And there is so much of it: delicious food, and families, and people, and books— lots and lots of books that educate and inspire and encourage us to dream of more good that can be done in the world. As I write in my Donahue About Me page, the books that I read growing up were what inspired me to write myself.

Who am I as a person, MJ asked. The answer looks kind of messed up and confusing most of the time. Life’s highs and lows, contradictions, and sudden shifts have formed someone who can’t really answer that question, because I’m not “done” yet. I know who I was, I think I know who I’m becoming, but there is only one thing I can say with certainty. I wouldn’t be the woman who can now look at the darkness and deal with it if I hadn’t first been the woman who believed there is love and laughter and grace in the world. 

I feel blessed to have “double vision” like this. While I still don’t see the whole elephant, knowing that there is more to life than just the trunk I am blindly clinging to has made me a more curious, more accepting person than I feel I would be otherwise. At least I know the truth of how we all see “but a poor reflection as in a mirror” and I fully look forward to seeing “face to face.” “Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.” (1 Corinthians 13:12)

Thanks, MJ, for this chance to explore the question.

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