Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cassie & the Wild Cat Bug in the Rug Book Review

by M. J. Joachim

I am so glad I downloaded Pat Hatt’s Cassie children’s book series to my kindle this week! I need look no further whenever I need a laugh! The antics of these two friends, Cassie and the Wild Cat are positively hysterical.

Earlier this week I read Cassie & the Wild Cat Meet and Greet. Today, it only made sense to continue with the series, because I had so much fun the first time around. So today I read Cassie & the Wild Cat Bug in the Rug. As expected, I was not disappointed at all.

From the very beginning, where Cassie and Wild Cat are clearly stuffed, going back in time, through the journey of how they go that way, I found myself smiling and laughing out loud at these two crazy cats. Wild Cat obviously has won Cassie’s heart and he in turn would do anything for her.

Together they “confront” (I use the term loosely here), the little critter who tries to outsmart them – the bug in the rug. Think Tom & Jerry cartoons for a moment. Only Cassie and Wild Cat are Tom – two against one, I know, but hey, great minds think alike. You can’t help but love all the characters, and as much as you want to cheer on one or the other, you simply can’t do that either, because all of these characters are positively charming, mischievous and way too much fun.

Cassie & the Wild Cat Bug in the Rug definitely has a place on my Recommended Reading Page at the top of this blog. Even if you don’t have kids, you’ll get a kick out of this one!

Thank you for visiting Writing Tips.

M. J.

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Note:  M. J. receives no compensation for book reviews on this site. The books she chooses to review are completely random, based on a variety of factors; she shares information solely on the basis of her personal opinion, be it good, bad or indifferent.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Cassie and the Wild Cat Meet and Greet Book Review

by M. J. Joachim

I found myself laughing out loud as I read Cassie and the Wild Cat Meet and Greet by Pat Hatt. The antics played by one “dominant feline” on a newcomer and the poetry used to express them are actually quite funny. So is the fact that I could literally visualize cats doing these things to each other.

Pat shares some pretty cool cats in this story. Cassie comes off as a little (spoiled) princess, while Wild Cat is one of those stud types that is completely oblivious to Cassie’s antics; he uses them all to his advantage, however, as he struts his stuff throughout the story.

The story is one of “I’m not so sure I want to get to know you” to “I’m glad you didn’t take offense, because when all is said and done, you’re a pretty fun friend to have.” I think we’ve all been there, done that at one time or another, which is one of the reasons I’m glad I read this story. I also think this is a very positive message for kids – a good thing because Cassie and the Wild Cat Meet and Greet is a children’s story, complete with some very cute and lively illustrations.

Thank you for visiting Writing Tips.

M. J. Joachim

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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Heaven is for Real – Commentary

by M. J. Joachim

Heaven is for Real is one of those quick read, feel good books. I started reading it yesterday, after finishing The Light Between Oceans, and finished it this morning. As much as I’d like to add to the many accolades this book has received, I have to admit that the hype I’d heard about it was a bit over the top.

I’m not doubting little Colton met Jesus in Heaven while he was having major surgery or anything. I just feel like this story was written by a very proud papa who saw an opportunity, not only in his work as a Wesleyan pastor living and working in a small town in Nebraska, but also as a witness who could earn a decent salary selling books.

Heaven is for Real is a simple story, one that Todd Burpo, Colton’s father, continuously clarifies and defends throughout the book. Among the many things that stood out was Todd’s insistence that he never prodded or coached his son to share Jesus revelations about his experience visiting Heaven. Clearly this is a contradiction in the book; I read numerous passages where Todd wanted to know more and persisted in getting Colton to open up and tell more. The impression I get is that Todd was consumed by what had happened and he was all over it.

Another thing that was noteworthy is that, according to the story, Colton was only in Heaven for approximately three minutes. Yet the years of revelations (necessary to get the story written) indicate a much longer experience must have taken place. Granted, Colton was in surgery, and even though he didn’t die, he had an out of body adventure and sat on Jesus’ lap. It just seems odd that this little three year old boy had an out of body experience that lasted less than five minutes, only to end up talking about it for several years to come, in such a way that everyone was amazed by his wisdom and understanding of the Gospel, Heaven, Hell and what happens when we die.

Please don’t get me wrong. There are lots of neat ideas in this book. Clearly Todd’s pastoring and sermon writing come into play as he draws on Biblical references to affirm his conversations with his son. Perhaps that’s part of the problem. So much of the story seems staged, rehearsed and practiced. It could be the fault of the editors, I suppose, but the whole thing didn’t quite sit right with me and is a bit unbelievable – not the part where Colton goes to Heaven, mind you, but all the family time revolving around Colton’s revelations of visiting Jesus, John the Baptist and numerous other people – except Mary, who is after all Jesus’ mother. (I always feel bad for the kid singled out in a family, regardless of the reasons why. I can’t help but wonder about the toll it takes on the other siblings in the family, as well as the toll of living up to such a role has on the kid himself.)

I don’t know a whole lot about the Wesleyan religion, but I’d venture to guess this book follows very closely with their beliefs. Determining if this is true or not isn’t the purpose of this blog post, however, so I’ll simply refer you to a comparison chart of various Christian denominations and if you feel the need, you can research it further.

Taken with a grain of salt, this book is a nice, warm fuzzy faith story, revolving around Christian principles. It’s also a neat family story, for those who like to peer into the lives of others and get a glimpse of how other families live. Think reality t.v. show here – you only see what they really want to show you, and you only travel the path they purposely lead you on.

I’m not going to add this book to my recommended reading page or pass out links for this book. It’s okay and all, but nothing to write home about.

Thank you for visiting Writing Tips.

M. J.

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Book Review: The Light Between Oceans by M. L. Stedman

by M. J. Joachim

Isabel and Tom could easily be our neighbors, friends and family members. At the same time, they are strangers living a life few people could understand, a life full of blessings and curses, each demanding choices be made to satisfy the hunger in their uniquely individual, yet inseparable human souls.

Tom’s is a wounded soul, emblazoned by his participation as a soldier in World War I. Isabel is a young soul, destined to invigorate Tom’s soul, giving it new life separate from the haunting memories of his past. Once these two souls meet, there is no turning back. Theirs is a destiny challenged by the thrill of adventure, the irony of isolation and the injury of loss, devastation and hopelessness.

Set in a small town of Australia, venturing out to sea and onto an isolated island where Tom is a lighthouse keeper, a tale of mixed proportions unfolds. One minute readers are delighted to follow a love story that was meant to be, the next they are swept into a web of deception so unexpected, they long to hate the characters they’ve come to know and love so well.

I heard myself cursing Isabel under my breath as I read without sympathy the story of a monster. Sure, she had reasons for making her choices, but she also still had choices and her reasons simply weren’t good enough, not when other people would most assuredly be affected by and pay the consequences for her actions.

I wanted to take Tom’s face in my hands and shake some common sense into him. I know Izzy was his wife, but please. If you love her, do the right thing for her and get her some professional help already. This woman isn’t quite right in the head. Nor should she be after all that she’s been through. Whatever you do, don’t follow her down the path straight into hell!

Hannah, poor dear, I don’t know that she could have fared any better, considering her plight in the story. Little Lucy-Grace was caught in the crossfire of it all, the one light that shone brightly amidst all the darkness, though it was her life affected most of all.

The Light between Oceans holds nothing back and offers few frills for the human experience. This is a story that could easily play out in numerous lives, anytime, anywhere. Change the backdrop, era and people (not characters) and this is life unfolding over several generations. It is a heart-wrenching, gut twisting story of circumstance meets emotions. Emotions win for a while – quite a while in fact, and too many lives will never be the same again.

The Light Between the Oceans is available through Goodreads and Amazon. I picked my copy up from the second hand bookstore near the mall. It is an award winning novel that I personally enjoyed reading, not only because of the story itself, but also because of the brief glimpses of history and geography revealed in its telling.

Thank you for visiting Writing Tips.

M. J. Joachim

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I'm going to go ahead and add this post to the "What are you reading?" blog hop I just discovered, since this is a really good book I think lots of people will enjoy reading.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Google + Comment Concerns

by M. J. Joachim

Three things primarily made up my mind…

First, comment reciprocation can and will hijack people’s threads on Google +. It was not a pleasant experience and I’m so sorry I didn’t anticipate it happening, as well as to those affected by this.

Second, non-Google + users can no longer comment on my blogs. I’ve got some amazing followers and your comments mean the world to me. I have no intention of censoring or blocking you from commenting on my blogs.

Third, my comment tab for my blogs disappeared. Moderating my comments completely disappeared.

Finally, one of my followers (Sharon Himsl) who couldn’t comment when I switched to Google + comments sent me this link via email.

Please visit Sharon’s blog. Her email was so important in making this decision, and she certainly didn’t have to take the time to communicate with me like that.

This has been quite the experiment. I learned a lot through it all and hope you did too. Thanks for taking the time to join the journey with me.

M. J.

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Time to Update Your Google Profiles Folks

by M. J. Joachim

Update:  Please read this post to make your own informed decision about switching to Google + comments on your blogs. 

I know. I know. But this is cutting edge networking, dear people. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” and all that stuff. Remember when we felt that way about Twitter, Pinterest and all the other ones that increase our page views now?

No. This post is not a marketing ploy to help people understand Google products better. It’s a plea with all of you to edit your Google profiles and include your sites, blogs and any other links you want people to click on in them. It’s a request to make it easier on those who visit your Google profile so we can find your sites and comment at will. When I visit your About Me section, I want to know where you work. I want to be able to find your pages and visit them at will.

One of the things I noticed since switching to Google comments the other day is that I’m taken to Google profiles, as opposed to blog ones. I scroll and find all sorts of things, mainly from things you’ve said on other people’s posts. Some of these posts are interesting and I’m glad to find them on your page. Still, I’m on a mission to find and comment on your blog, since you were kind enough to do the same for me.

Maybe the solution is to include a link right there in your comment, whenever you comment on someone’s blog…you know, the siggy thing. I noticed it’s not as neat now that I’m using Google + comments. People’s siggys are showing up in html, when before they were the name of their site, with the link hidden in the background. Guess it’s no biggie that I never figured out how to make those html siggys now, since using Google + comments doesn’t hide them anyway.

Marketing Yourself Effectively is Key

It doesn’t matter what tools you use for social networking and how you go about it. What matters is that your social networking tools (all of them) make it as easy as possible for people to find you and click on your links.

Maybe you don’t use Google + and have no intention of doing so. That’s your choice and you have every right to make it. However, there are thousands of people who do, so making it easy on them will only be to your ultimate benefit.

Thank you for visiting Writing Tips.

M. J.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Expanding My Presence in Blog Land

by M. J. Joachim

Update...Please read this post to make your own informed decision. 

After weeks of sitting on the fence, I’ve finally made the switch to enable Google+ for the comments on my blogs last night. I’m not sure what exactly triggered my decision; it just seemed to make sense at the time.

Adding Google + comments appears to be a good decision as a blog owner. All my comments are readily available in my Google account, without having to open my blogger dashboard. Replies are as easy as clicking on the notice regarding new comments on my post.

Adding Google + comments may have a similar effect for my visitors. Making their comments more public gives them more exposure. Writing tip – write comments that will get people to click on your name because they want to find out more about you, based on your intuitive wisdom to the posts you visit.

Oh that we could all write words of wisdom, insight and wittiness every time we make the rounds in Blog Land. Regardless, I’m expanding my presence in Blog Land via Google + comments. It seems to be the right decision for my blogs.

Do you like the new comment system? Does it make you nervous? Have you added Google + comments to your blog? How do you feel about all the recent Google changes in Blog Land and on Google +?

Thanks for visiting Writing Tips.

M. J.

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Writing Prompt via Bill Nicholls

by M. J. Joachim

Today’s writing prompt is brought to you by Bill Nicholls. Take a look at the picture on Bill’s blog and write something about it for your own blog. Be sure and let Bill know his work inspired yours, by commenting on his post and linking. Here’s mine.

Castle Stories

Shadows creep in sunlight
From the valley far below
Stairs lead to endless woodlands
A traveler’s grave to know

Blue skies outline the mystery
Of corpses never known
A castle built in history
Of seeds that were not sown

The journey of our lifetimes
Takes on its own dimensions
Unraveling in our world
Years of past dissensions

Beyond the wall are children
Fussing in their beds
Mothers nursing their wounds
While keeping cooler heads

Deep within the basement
A cry is heard no more
Absence grew not fonder
As it closed the cellar door

Thank you for visiting Writing Tips.
M. J.
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Monday, May 20, 2013

Poetic Expressions

by M. J. Joachim

Last week was heavy. I spent a lot of time thinking about a few things. I spent hours at the park. The weather was favorable and I knew this is only temporary, so I took the dog and we enjoyed our time outside walking around the lake, feeding the ducks and geese, playing and reading in the grass under a shady tree. I didn’t bring my camera or anything. No pics to share, just lots of abstract thoughts that led to the writing of three new poems I’ve been working on for a few days now. I’m sharing them on different blogs – visit my Google + page if you want to read them all; I expect to have each one published in the not too distant future.

This poem came about because in the past three months, two of my siblings have been hospitalized for illnesses that could easily have ended their lives. My sister just got out of the hospital last week. Phone calls seem so trivial, but it’s all I’ve got since I haven’t lived in my home town for many years now. One of the things that touched my heart is how easy it might be for anger to be the last words on our lips or in our hearts. Thankfully this wasn’t the case with my brother and sister and I, because anger is fleeting. Yet it has the power to destroy us if we let it.

A Moment in Time

Let anger be far from my lips, should I die in tomorrow’s grasp
Let foolishness be of unending bliss, and not my hard fought pride
Let love and honesty rule the day, as I make my way beyond
For I am but a child of God, to Him I hope to belong
Of all the battles and fights engaged, let none withhold my love
Standing strong is not to kill, relationships in this world
Being firm and of sound mind, does not mean I don’t care
Nor does thinking for myself mean I’m not quite all there
If I should die before I wake or with the morrow’s light
Let those who know me feel my love, ever thankful for my life
That I have touched theirs with mind, heart and soul
Giving everything I have, to love, respect and honor them
Despite all I am not, for they’ve imprinted on me too
A life well-lived and just, a journey that could not have been
Without their treasured touch, a moment passing quickly
A fortune never gained, a life is but a memory
When all is said and done

Thank you for visiting Writing Tips.

Photo credit:  Jonathan’s Run Falls (PA), Picture of the Day (February 24, 2009), Hubert Stoffels, Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic
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Friday, May 17, 2013

A Poem Inspired by Another Blogger…

by M. J. Joachim

Personal choice is only to blame
When violence explodes with its terror
Less action filled movies will never tame
The arrogance of such behavior

She sits in a corner alone in the dark
Tears fall on her bruised shaking shoulder
She can't even hear him or his remark
Her world begins to grow colder

"You're worthless, you bitch!
Unworthy of life...
I give you what you deserve!"

She raises her arms to cover her face
As he yields a knife to show power
She knows she must get out of this place
It's her life he plans to devour

This poem was inspired by a post on the blog, It’s Rhyme Time by Pat Hatt. I’m not sure if you remember me mentioning this in my comment to you, Pat, but I said I would save my lengthier poetic reply for my own blog, once I finished working on it. Here’s the finished product. Wish I had time to find the exact post you wrote that inspired this one. If you know it easily enough, please put a link to it in my comments. Thanks.

Happy Friday, good people. I wish you only good things.

M. J.

Photo credit:  USMC – 101022-M-6457M-003, U. S. Military or Dept. of Defense, Public Domain
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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Regarding the Hunger Games Book & Movie…

by M. J. Joachim

It’s so nice to be blogging again after taking a few necessary days off during the first half of the month. I spent the morning doing outside things. My blogging routine is about to change for summer weather conditions. Extreme heat has arrived; I’ll be blogging more in the afternoon, as opposed to early morning for the next few months.

Hunger Games

It’s been whirl wind between the A – Z Challenge and my oldest graduating from college last week. Before I forget, I want to talk about Hunger Games. I read the book last April and promptly watched the movie. For those who don’t know the story, it’s about a fantasy culture where government has pretty much taken over, wreaking havoc on society by scaring everyone to death.

People became complacent, abiding by every rule, even ones that didn’t make sense and harmed them or their families. (I’m purposely not sharing specifics for those who might decide to read the book.) There are plenty of other sites to find the information. This post is not intended to be a synopsis or book report. My thoughts about Hunger Games went in an entirely different direction.

It’s been years since I’ve picked up a book I couldn’t put down. I read Hunger Games in less than four days. It was so good, I watched the movie afterward. It wasn’t my intention to read the book. My daughter had checked it out from the library; she read it first, in only three days. I picked it up and the same thing happened to me.

The opening was the draw and catch. There was no lag time trying to get into the story and what it was about. From the very first paragraph, you wanted to know more – you had to read more. It lured you in and continued luring you throughout the story.

Symbolism was a main backdrop throughout the book. This is society if things get out of control. Mind games and manipulation are very real and power struggles are more than a little dangerous, especially if the people (the general population and average citizens) lose their right to refute the powers that be.

Had I not read the book first, much of the intensity of the story would have been lost on me. My husband didn’t read the book. He watched the movie with me. I found myself filling in the blanks for him. From the very beginning of the movie, the premise was difficult to follow, without knowledge and insight into the story from reading the book.

Many things were omitted in the movie. There were undoubtedly numerous reasons for this, not the least of which appears to be the movie would have been an epic adventure lasting at least four hours or more if they were included. There’s just no way to pack that much into a movie script, though the writing in the book captured numerous condensed scenarios for its readers.

So there you have it…a brief commentary on Hunger Games. I like the book much more than the movie, and I highly recommend reading the book if you haven’t already. Be prepared to let everything else fall by the wayside when you do. It’s that good and if you’re like me and my daughter, you won’t be able to put it down.

Thanks for visiting Writing Tips. Things are starting to settle down around here again, so I should be posting more frequently now….barring the unstoppable book absorption. Summer reading has begun and my list of books seems to be growing every single day.

Best to all,

M. J.

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Arizona May Days

by M. J. Joachim
Updated November 6, 2015

Ah life! And then we make cheesecake – something I’ll be starting tomorrow for the gathering expected here on Saturday. We do what we do; priorities and routines a guideline charting the path of our existence.

April was focused primarily on blogging every day. May is focused on family and the end of the school year. My two daughters finish their last college exams today, the oldest achieving her college degree after years of hard work and study. My son still has a few weeks to finish out his third year of high school. Hopefully the weather will continue to favor these last days before the extreme heat kicks in and makes it almost impossible to think or function.

I’ve been cleaning – stepping back and doing some of those annual deep and dirty jobs that can’t be ignored, especially with monsoon season right around the corner.

Gardening season is almost at an end, though some die-hard gardeners make a point to work in the yard even when it’s 118 degrees Fahrenheit outside. I’ve thought about it, but something always holds me back – like common sense and the knowledge that no matter how hard you try, Mother Nature has a way of turning you into a fool, either by frying your plants or giving you heat ailments that mess with your body for weeks.

Instead, I prepare the house and get it ready to be the cool retreat for anyone seeking shelter from the storm – dust storms, to be exact, extreme heat, torrents of rain and flashes of lightning. Summer is coming! It’s a site to see in these parts, one you have to experience to understand.

I’ve got some catching up to do in Blog Land still; my pace has slowed, but I’m getting to it as time allows. Spring is in the air in these parts, and I’ll be closed up in my cave before long. There’s still time to walk the dog by the lake and enjoy the breeze. There’s still time to get out and about, before getting in the car is a major production, forcing you to put on gloves just so you can touch the steering wheel because it’s too hot. There’s still time to dig and clean up the yard and prepare it for next year’s seeds. The heat will sterilize the soil, no worries there.

Regarding the cheesecake – gourmet, Grand Marnier with strawberries and candied orange peel. Takes two days to make….yes, cheesecake is my signature dessert, and since we’re celebrating our oldest graduating from college, only the best will do.

Happy Wednesday, good people! Thanks for stopping in and visiting today!

M. J.

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Friday, May 3, 2013

Cheers to the Phenomenal World of Blog Land!

by M. J. Joachim

Riddles, writing tip quips and root word expansions made for a fun and exhilarating combination in this year’s challenge on our Writing Tips blog. I may be the author, but without all of you this blog would be nothing more than a tree falling in the forest, with no one around to hear it.

This blog transformed, becoming interactive and lots of fun during the challenge. I came here to laugh and play. I came here to visit my friends and be silly with them. I came here to wind down and get a pick me up.

When the Challenge finished up last Tuesday, I looked around and realized how much I still had to do. So many blogs, so little time type thing. I didn’t even realize the following day was IWSG, until I read Alex’s blog first thing Wednesday morning while the coffee was brewing. Deep breath time – I had plenty to say.

As for the hopping…well, let’s just say I slowed down my pace a bit out of necessity. People are pouring out their hearts on these blogs. They are sharing their talents, juggling their time and inviting some stranger like me living in Arizona to get to know them. I can’t take that lightly. I won’t take that lightly. These people are amazing, beautiful, talented and to put it mildly, making the understatement of the year – phenomenal.

So about two or three weeks into the challenge, I stepped back and truly started taking my time, engaging with each new blogger through each individual blog post. I’m doing the same thing with all my blog hops now. It’s not a race to the finish, but an opportunity to be open to whatever comes my way. Each visit I make to a blog is an experience to be cherished and savored – appreciated.

I look at the comments on my own blogs this way now too. Traffic increased on all my blogs. At first it was all I could do to keep up. Then I created a system, answering in bulk as quickly as I could. It wasn’t working for me. I slowed down so I could listen to my audience better, and respond more effectively, as opposed to efficiently. To that end, I’m still playing catch up on some A – Z comments for the last few days of posts. Again, it’s necessary. It’s an expression of my true personality and how I want to participate in Blog Land.

This year was wonderful. I learned a lot – much of it is still filtering through my soul. Time will tell how it reveals itself. For now, my glass is raised and my hat is tipped to all of you. Cheers!

Thank you for visiting Writing Tips.

M. J.

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Comment Censorship

by M. J. Joachim

It doesn’t happen very often, but every once in a while I get drawn into a comment conversation on a blog. It can be mine or anyone else’s. The topic is hot, politically charged and opinions (complete with emotions) are clearly expressed. When this happens on my own blogs, as long as the conversation remains civil, I let everyone say what they will, thank them for engaging in the discussion and let visitors make up their own minds.

As you know, I don’t pre-approve comments or anything like that. If someone spams me, I’ll delete it. The rest of you are welcome to express yourself on my blogs, as long as you’re above board and not degrading to my work, me or others here. You don’t even have to like my work. Simply put, hate, slander and garbage will be deleted. It’s offensive regardless of who or what it’s directed toward.

Yesterday, I engaged in a conversation on someone’s blog about gun control. My first comment was fairly open ended. The reply to it confused my meaning and beliefs. So I politely clarified in a second comment. Comments have to be approved before being published. Since that time, several comments from other people have been approved. All are in agreement with the blog owner, and all replies to them are flattering and of a collective mind-set – all except my comment which clarifies the meaning of my first comment and doesn’t appear to agree with the political position expressed in the blog post.

I’m being patient and checking back regularly to see if my comments are being censored. More importantly, I’m curious to see if commenting on this blog puts me in a position of furthering someone’s agenda of fighting for beliefs I clearly don’t agree with. My initial comment in conjunction with blog owner’s reply clearly twists my meaning, which could ultimately leads toward people thinking I stand behind something I clearly don’t agree with, as clarified by my second comment which has not been published.

The way I see it, I have no choice but to delete my first comment, if my second comment remains censored. Unfortunately, this experience will likely prevent me from further commenting on this person’s blog and perhaps some other blogs too. I don’t want to become cynical or anything, but I don’t want my words and meanings twisted and used against me like this either.

My writing tip for you today is simple. If you don’t want to be open to all opinions when you publically publish your blog, don’t invite all opinions to be expressed on it. If you do invite all opinions, be sure you accept them for what they are and allow everyone to take the stand they feel and believe is appropriate to the issues and opinions you express on your blog. Whatever you do, don’t twist someone’s meaning, using their name to further your own agenda.

Gun Control is a topic better suited for Effectively Human. I haven’t written the post yet. It’s moved up on my priority list because of this experience. All comments and viewpoints will be welcome, provided they are civil and show respect for anyone and everyone who visits, regardless of whether or not they agree with me.

How would you handle being censored in a divisive issue, where your opinion clearly differs from the one expressed in the article and other comments published? 

Thank you for visiting Writing Tips.

M. J.

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

IWSG – So Many Ideas, So Little Time

by M. J. Joachim
Diving in was never an issue. I dove in and swam straight for the bottom to see what I could see; I knew it would be really cool and I’d find all sorts of treasures and unique inspirations, things that would delight and intrigue me in ways I never dreamed of. I was not disappointed in my journey toward the ocean floor.

I’m one of those people with so many ideas darting in and out of my brain. Sometimes it’s like grabbing the brass ring as the merry-go-round spins round and round, aiming for the clown’s mouth and hoping all the bells and whistles go off, meaning I get to collect a prize when the ride is over. Other times it’s like, “Turn it off already! I just need some time to think and it’s impossible to do so with all these distractions popping in and out of my head all the time!”

I’m insecure about rushing through and missing something. Consequently, I’m always grabbing myself by the sleeve and reminding myself to slow down, telling myself the world will keep on spinning if I take the time to breathe and enjoy each day as it comes. I make a point to give myself permission to listen to my soul much more than my mind and body. It’s not about racing, but engaging in the journey and being part of the event.

To that end, many ideas have disappeared like vapor into thin air. I may have been sitting on the couch drinking my coffee, watering the garden, changing the laundry – no writing tools in hand or nearby. I may have believed or convinced myself they were solid enough that I could remember them later – almost never happens, but it’s a good ruse I like to use when all else fails.

Take this post for example. It’s been written at least three times in my brain already. You’re getting a fourth version – the hard copy because I’m sitting at my computer as it releases. Life seems to happen this way. In a fleeting moment, we miss the glimpse of something carried away on the wind – all because we were looking in the other direction when it came to pass. I’m okay with that. My solution to so many ideas is to slow down and breathe. The water is fine, but no one can stay down there forever.

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M. J.

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Photo credit:  Underwater, Explorer’s Cove, New Harbor, McMurdo Sound, PD-USGov
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