Sunday, December 8, 2013

Cheersfest 2013, Roasting Arlee “Lee” Bird

By M. J. Joachim

Juggling six blogs and a freakish endearment for the alphabet, Lee came up with the A – Z Challenge to satisfy his craving for scrambled eggs. Why settle for two birds in the bush, when you can host, post and brag about 26 letters, all dying to lay an egg in Blog Land, right?
Fry them, poach them, or make them soft-boiled. However, if you’re looking for Eggs Benedict and soufflé, look no further than the master blog juggler himself, played by John Lithgow.

Brown jackets being all the rage of serial killers these days, Lee tossed out the bird challenge idea (I mean how many blog posts can you write about making eggs anyway, right?), and daring us to keep up with his psycho-dynamic dream of immersing himself in syllabary rhetoric, Lee gets to have his eggs and eat them too.

Lee tosses it out, wrote by rote, dreaming of faraway views. In a few words, he juggles his Writer’s Workshop, all while being the Master Juggler of the A – Z Challenge. Not even a serial killer in a brown jacket would dare to attempt such a mind-blowing feat for scrambled eggs.

Cheersfest 2013 is hosted by Mark Koopmans, Morgan Shamy, David Powers King, Stephen Tremp and Alex Cavanaugh

Photo Caption
Bowling pins, the perfect weapon for my unsuspecting audience, hell-bent on making me drop these silly props. Just wait ‘til I get them all in the A – Z Challenge! May the best wordsmiths succeed!

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