Tuesday, December 24, 2013

50 States of Pray Blogfest

by M. J. Joachim

Thank you Mark Koopman’s for hosting 50 States of Pray Blogfest.

Dear Lord, 

I’ve got all sorts of prayers to offer you this Christmas. You know I believe in Santa, and your power to make him real.

First and foremost, I pray for my Mom and all of us missing her this first holiday season without her. Please include the family in our area who lost their home to the fire last week. I heard about it on the news. And all those facing similar pains in their hearts, whether it be the loss of a special loved one, or Christmas dreams gone up in smoke.

The military is near and dear to my heart too, especially those carrying the horrors of war, imprinted on their souls. Wars come in all shapes and sizes. Some are violent, internal struggles, dealing with post traumatic stress and various hurts so difficult to deal with – may they find peace and grace, as they bravely face the nightmares they must embrace to survive.

Then there are the hungry, Lord, and those dealing with certain economic shortcomings, many through no fault of their own. Let the mothers and fathers sleep well, knowing their families have cherished Christmas memories this year, lack of money not detracting from the miracle of the season. Give them warmth, not only in their hearts, but also on those chill, cold winter nights. Keep their furnaces burning and their homes energized with blessings you alone can give. Keep their tummies full, and gift giving pleasant – not a burden they will worry about when all is said and done.

Bless the children, Lord…so many children wandering the streets, trafficked in far away places and lost to the world at large. Be their guiding light and strength, as they face another season all alone and ever so afraid. Bless the children struggling in their own homes too, the ones facing abuse and terror, in a home that should be safe.

The elderly are on my list today, as well as their caregivers – those in nursing homes and hospitals, those in their last earthly moments, preparing to go home. And bless their families, please. Make the transition from death to life, life to death, a more unifying experience, instead of one that tears them apart and breaks relationships forever.

I could go on and on, Lord. My prayers for you are big…you hear them every day. You know how much I love you, so this is what I pray. Peace on earth. Good will to men. Let hunger be far off. Essential needs met through the end, and love in every heart.

Happy Birthday, Jesus! Merry Christmas Holy Family! My gift to you is simple, a letter from the heart, and a will to trust you fully, in a world that’s falling apart. Needs and fears abound, broken hearts do soar. May each person find your miracle, and you be their shining star.

Merry Christmas Blog Land, and Happy New Year too!

M. J.

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