Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hunger Management – dVerse 110513

A poem for dVerse Open Link Night, written by M. J. Joachim 

Gut wrenching, tired and sad
Moments of weariness
As children cry, old people die
Of hunger

Is this all there is
A mother’s heart reaching
For something
There’s not any food

She makes up a story
Water fills up a potWith a bone and some salt
Soup – a most delicious meal

Pasta is cheap
The store has a sale
Fast food is cheaper
No one will tell

Full for a moment
Nutrition aside
Is this what we’ve come to
Letting poor people survive?

Please join us for the Holiday Food Drive Blogfest. Our goal is to highlight the issue, help fill the food banks and reach out to those in need through our blogs. Your help is needed, requested and more than a little appreciated. Thank you!

So glad you stopped in for a visit today! Can’t wait to see you next time!

M. J.

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