Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Voice – Final Night of Blind Auditions

By M. J. Joachim

This is an experiment in writing. 

Picture the Scene: Anticipation has been building all weekend. Dinner and dishes were finished just in the nick of time. My family is gathered around the television set. I’m sitting in my recliner, computer on my lap, as the build up to performers plays in the background – I’m listening, watching, typing, watching, continuously going back and forth, looking up and smiling.

The first performer has a positively beautiful voice. Within seconds three judges turn their chairs; the song ends and CeeLo turns his chair around, praising Matt for his performance. Three judges turned around to fight to get Matt on their team.

Matt was good. The judges make no bones about it. Adam Levine wins the pick. He couldn’t be happier; Blake plays his role well, ribbing Adam and cracking his corny jokes.

Meanwhile, Luna the dog attempts to relieve some excess energy jumping back and forth between couches and people. She’s been a bit out of sorts this week, since Shadow the dog moved back in with our oldest. He’s her dog, and we enjoyed his extended stay with us, while our daughter finished college and started her new career. 

Singer #2 enters the stage. Diego doesn’t hold back, rocking the stage and intriguing the judges – Will it be enough to get at least one of them to turn a chair around? Unfortunately, the song ends without Diego getting picked or fought over. The accolades and well wishes continue as Diego exits the stage.

It’s tough. The judges readily admit they’re into the final spots and they’re gonna be picky. Each judge wants to win, and they’ll do whatever it takes to do so.

Tamara is our next contestant. She’s been performing for a while in various capacities. She’s young – early 20’s. Music is her passion, and she’s got a beautiful voice, something Christina notices right away, as she turns around her chair only moments after the song starts. CeeLo quickly follows. Tamara chats with the judges and ends up choosing to be on CeeLo’s team. 

Wow! There are lots of artists from Texas tonight. Brandon is a college graduate, who is driven to succeed in everything he does. He’s had numerous health issues since his birth, an over achiever who easily impresses the audience and judges. Heart and soul fill the stage, as Blake is the first judge to turn his chair around. CeeLo debates and finally decides to fight Blake for the pick. It takes a moment before Brandon chooses to be on Blake’s team. It’s a good fit for a country singer, hoping to make it to the top.

Nest up, a flower delivery man with a wonderful dream and a very strong voice. Lupe has a smooth and intriguing voice, deep, strong and intense. CeeLo is the only judge to turn his chair around – Lupe has made it on a team.

The Sprint Zombie commercial has simply got to go! It is so, so, so overplayed on NBC!

Grey is an interesting name for the next contestant. Adam turns first, captured by the unique intensity of Grey’s voice. It doesn’t take long for Blake to follow, and then CeeLo. Busting a gut over here. Sometimes the judges just crack me up when they fight to get the singers. 

Ugh! Commercial break, just as Grey is about to make her choice. Will it be the zombie commercial again? Not this time. Thankfully, we all were spared.

Grey chooses to be on Adam’s team, something that not only completes Adam’s team of 12, but also makes him very happy. 

Our next contestant has grown up in show biz; his father is a member of the Commadores. Actor Neal McDonough is a member of his support family. He sings Easy, giving it an original spin. As much as he impressed the judges, no one turns around for 17 year old Dominic. 

Latino music has its moment with our next contestant. Michael starts off strong; Christina quickly turns her chair around, followed by Blake and CeeLo. You just want to get up and dance! Oh, the judges are just way too funny! Michael has a tough decision to make and ends up choosing Christina as his coach.

Blake and CeeLo each have one slot left on their respective teams. It could be a fight to the finish, as both coaches work to get the best last contestant, hoping to win the final competition. Artists are down to the wire too. It won’t be easy to get a chair to turn around at this point in the competition.

Karaoke turns Voice contestant for Deanna. Another 17 year old receives accolades and pointers from the judges, though no one turned their chair around for her to choose a judge to be a member of their teams. All encourage Deanna to come back next season.

Brian, another Texan, has always wanted to be a singer/guitar player. He’s looking for an opportunity; Blake gives it to him. He’s good – too good to pass up and good enough to be the last person on Blake’s team, until CeeLo turns his chair around to fight for pick. Will Brian choose to be on Blake or CeeLo’s team? The answer is easy enough, despite the judges banter back and forth…or is it? I swear this show is a comedy variety show sometimes. Country wins as Brian chooses Blake to be his coach.

A round of good artists, but not the one for CeeLo. It takes time to turn for the last spot on CeeLo’s team. He’s having a tough time making a decision, but finally finds the contestant meant to be last member of his team.

And the zombie commercial plays again. Mute it! Quick! Zombies are driving us crazy!

CeeLo turns around for a country singer named Sean, who served in Iraq. He won the very last spot available on a team – you could almost feel the energy leave the t.v. and enter the room.

What a great night for The Voice and its contestants. Battle rounds begin next week and should be positively amazing. I’ll be watching. Will you?

That’s all for now. 

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M. J. 

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