Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Movie Review: Solomon Kane

By M. J. Joachim
2009 Action/Adventure
Director: Michael J. Basset
Step into a world of nightmares, plagues and survival of the fittest as you venture back in time, to a world where violence was a symbol of strength and guts a sign of courage.

Solomon was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, a royal heir, second in line to the throne. He was a fairly good boy too. It was his older brother that had the evil tendencies.

Destiny and fate are not to be messed with, as Solomon defies his father’s wishes to become a priest; he leaves the kingdom - is banished from it by his father even, and turns to a life of crime.

Born for greatness, Solomon excels on his murderous rampages. He is a man of will, discipline, power and success – a man to pay homage to, demanding respect, no matter where his allegiance lies – be it with good or evil intentions in mind.

The soul struggles mightily against the forces of good & evil in the action/adventure film, Solomon Kane. Demons are ever present, trying to win their due, leaving Solomon forever conflicted in their grasp.

And yet, it is a battle until the very end of the movie. Will good triumph over evil through the intensity and highly volatile scenes playing out? Will Solomon have enough guts, power and glory to save his mortal soul?

No spoiler alert here! I didn’t even doze off once while watching the movie, and it was late too! I highly recommend this film to anyone seeking an action packed adventure that not only makes you think, but also challenges you to do the right thing.

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