Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Movie Review: Side Effects

By M. J. Joachim
2013 Crime Thriller, Director: Steven Soderbergh

Gotta love Catherine Zeta Jones in this 2013 psychological thriller. It was tame by most standards free of too much gore and blood spilling, the suspense and mystery slowly unfolding into a veritable surplus of twists, turns and mind-bending spasms.

Crime has met its match between husbands, wives, doctors and friends - manipulation in the ultimate battle of wills and justice???

I’ll let you be the judge when you watch this intriguing drama about a wife who had everything, lost it all when her husband went to jail for insider trading, leaving her to spend his entire jail term plotting her revenge against him. Innocent by-standers were of little or no consequence whatsoever in the process. 

Personally, I liked Side Effects, and would even watch it again to catch what I might have missed the first time around. Yea, it’s good and it’s definitely one of those.

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M. J. 

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