Monday, October 14, 2013

Controversy on Lots of Crochet Stitches

By M. J. Joachim
A little controversy goes a long way – that is my writing tip topic of the day!

Even when you’re not trying to be controversial, it’s easy to ruffle some feathers, which apparently is what I did with my most recent crochet post over the weekend. Oh, and just watch those page views increase when you do.

It was simply a book review about a crochet book I read, nothing more. As you know from following this site, I tend to point out pros and cons when I post these. Those little negatives sure can help people let off steam. 

At any rate, I stand by what I wrote. Having been well educated in branding and marketing for years – having lived it since I got married 21 yeas ago…my husband is an expert in the field, after all, I view marketing books with a different lens, that’s all. 

No offense was meant, and certainly, none should be taken. 

Thanks for visiting Writing Tips,

M. J. 

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