Monday, October 21, 2013

Book Review: Tommy Goes Trick-or-Treating – A Bird Brain Book

By M. J. Joachim
Author: Emlyn Chand
Illustrator: Noelle Giffin
Tommy the Woodpecker and Michael the Raccoon are two mischievous, unlikely friends in this Halloween children’s tale of tricks, treats, problems and lessons learned. Together they set out on an adventure to figure out what this Halloween thing is all about. Together they discover, it is much more than they bargained for, especially when a little too much ambition (or greed) enter the mix.

Amidst fine-tuned storytelling and excellent pictorials, you can’t help but enjoy the antics of Tommy and Michael, even if you do get a little perturbed at their methods. Just when you’ve about had enough of these two, they start feeling the pains (literally) of their labor. The story unfolds into a very positive Halloween message for our young ones.

Tommy Goes Trick-or-Treating is a delightful story to read to wee little ones, letting them gaze at the pictures and verbalize what is happening in the story. It is also a wonderful story for grade-schoolers, who might get overly caught up in the thrill of raking in so much candy on Halloween. 

Librarians might find it a perfect book to share for Story Time. Do librarians read electronic books to kids these days? It’s been so long, but I hope libraries have taken this initiative, investing in the necessary computer equipment to share some of the wonderful children’s stories available in ebook formats. If not, they can also get it in hardcover and paperback.

Tommy Goes Trick-or-Treating easily makes my Recommended Reading list. 

Do you think libraries should make it easier for kids to read level appropriate ebooks? Should they set up special computer rooms, where kids can read ebooks online, and should librarians incorporate ebooks into their story hours?
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