Saturday, October 19, 2013

Book Review: One Dark Halloween Night by John Kohlbrenner

By M. J. Joachim
For a man with a film and English degree, John Kohlbrenner sure missed the mark with his recently released book, One Dark Halloween Night. Don’t get me wrong, the concept was good – a solid and good story is in the making. It simply isn’t finished yet, that’s all. 

I was particularly bothered because One Dark Halloween Night’s audience is kids to young adult. As a former teacher, I want kids reading sound works with correct spelling and punctuation. Misuse of then and than is simply not acceptable. Nor is using the wrong homonym – cents instead of sense. I can overlook a typo or two, but not an entire book riddled with typos, especially when our youth are supposed to inadvertently pick up on some writing skills, by reading as many books as they can. Does the reading community really need to specify, books that have been thoroughly edited? I felt like I was reading a rough draft, not a finalized, professional version of a book that was already published.

The first chapter or so of the book appeared to be nothing less than poor marketing, making a concerted effort to direct us to the website, blog and trailer. I almost put it down and quit reading, thinking the entire book would be nothing more than a glorified ad and self promotion of his works. Thankfully, he got into the story, and clearly, John is a good storyteller. 

As much as I liked the story, however, I cannot, nor should I overlook the serious lack of editing and proofreading in this book, especially since the book sells for $5.99. One Dark Halloween Night will not be added to my Recommended Reading list. 

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M. J. 

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