Monday, October 21, 2013

Book Review: Easy Halloween Costumes, Edited by Wade Wilgus

by M. J. Joachim
The creativity and ingenuity shared in Easy Halloween Costumes is unbelievably satisfying. There is something for everyone in this variety filled book of do-it-yourself costumes, all of which can easily be made in time for Halloween this year. 

Note: At least one of two of the costumes shared are a little risqué, and therefore not appropriate for children. However, there are plenty of kid friendly projects. I simply wouldn’t give this book to a child unsupervised. That’s all. 

While I didn’t take the time to make any of these costumes myself, I did process their steps in my mind, following them through with the numerous pictures provided for each project. As a blogger who has had success providing my own crochet tutorials, I’m familiar with providing extreme detail, as well as pictures to help clarify and simplify the process for anyone wanting to make what is shared. 

Easy Halloween Costumes has clear instructions; it also uses easy to access materials for the most part. However, when necessary, the instructor includes added information on how to procure required supplies. The book includes numerous pictures; photography work in some of the projects needs a bit of work. In a few projects, photos were dark and/or blurry. 

Overall, I had more than a little bit of fun browsing the many excellent Halloween costume ideas shared in Easy Halloween Costumes. If you’re looking for something to wear this year, or hoping to win a contest, this is a good resource to consider for ideas. Easy Halloween Costumes will definitely be added to my Recommended Reading list. 

What do you plan to be for Halloween this year? Have you ever entered a Halloween contest? Did you win? What’s your favorite Halloween memory?

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