Friday, October 25, 2013

Betcha Never Thought about the Writing Process Like This Before

By M. J. Joachim

Anticipate, ruminate, rejuvenate – that’s all it takes to brainstorm a plethora of luxurious ideas
Bumpy, unscrupulous, disorderly and rude – blunt, obnoxious, defiantly scrawled without reason

Corrected, assessed and modified to perfection – analyzed, probed, dissected and inspected

Polished, abridged, pruned and reined in – managed, supervised, influenced and controlled

Announced, divulged, revealed and communicated – marketed, posted, sold and shared with the world

Along the way, pictures get formatted, screened and added, during any and every stage. 

What’s that you say? 

“Is it truly as easy as this?”
Why, yes of course! All it takes is a Thesaurus!
Best of the weekend to you all! Thank you for visiting Writing Tips!

M. J. 

©2013 All Rights Reserved

Photo credit: Luqa Primary, Public Domain