Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Expanding My Presence in Blog Land

by M. J. Joachim

Update...Please read this post to make your own informed decision. 

After weeks of sitting on the fence, I’ve finally made the switch to enable Google+ for the comments on my blogs last night. I’m not sure what exactly triggered my decision; it just seemed to make sense at the time.

Adding Google + comments appears to be a good decision as a blog owner. All my comments are readily available in my Google account, without having to open my blogger dashboard. Replies are as easy as clicking on the notice regarding new comments on my post.

Adding Google + comments may have a similar effect for my visitors. Making their comments more public gives them more exposure. Writing tip – write comments that will get people to click on your name because they want to find out more about you, based on your intuitive wisdom to the posts you visit.

Oh that we could all write words of wisdom, insight and wittiness every time we make the rounds in Blog Land. Regardless, I’m expanding my presence in Blog Land via Google + comments. It seems to be the right decision for my blogs.

Do you like the new comment system? Does it make you nervous? Have you added Google + comments to your blog? How do you feel about all the recent Google changes in Blog Land and on Google +?

Thanks for visiting Writing Tips.

M. J.

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