Friday, May 3, 2013

Cheers to the Phenomenal World of Blog Land!

by M. J. Joachim

Riddles, writing tip quips and root word expansions made for a fun and exhilarating combination in this year’s challenge on our Writing Tips blog. I may be the author, but without all of you this blog would be nothing more than a tree falling in the forest, with no one around to hear it.

This blog transformed, becoming interactive and lots of fun during the challenge. I came here to laugh and play. I came here to visit my friends and be silly with them. I came here to wind down and get a pick me up.

When the Challenge finished up last Tuesday, I looked around and realized how much I still had to do. So many blogs, so little time type thing. I didn’t even realize the following day was IWSG, until I read Alex’s blog first thing Wednesday morning while the coffee was brewing. Deep breath time – I had plenty to say.

As for the hopping…well, let’s just say I slowed down my pace a bit out of necessity. People are pouring out their hearts on these blogs. They are sharing their talents, juggling their time and inviting some stranger like me living in Arizona to get to know them. I can’t take that lightly. I won’t take that lightly. These people are amazing, beautiful, talented and to put it mildly, making the understatement of the year – phenomenal.

So about two or three weeks into the challenge, I stepped back and truly started taking my time, engaging with each new blogger through each individual blog post. I’m doing the same thing with all my blog hops now. It’s not a race to the finish, but an opportunity to be open to whatever comes my way. Each visit I make to a blog is an experience to be cherished and savored – appreciated.

I look at the comments on my own blogs this way now too. Traffic increased on all my blogs. At first it was all I could do to keep up. Then I created a system, answering in bulk as quickly as I could. It wasn’t working for me. I slowed down so I could listen to my audience better, and respond more effectively, as opposed to efficiently. To that end, I’m still playing catch up on some A – Z comments for the last few days of posts. Again, it’s necessary. It’s an expression of my true personality and how I want to participate in Blog Land.

This year was wonderful. I learned a lot – much of it is still filtering through my soul. Time will tell how it reveals itself. For now, my glass is raised and my hat is tipped to all of you. Cheers!

Thank you for visiting Writing Tips.

M. J.

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