Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cassie & the Wild Cat Bug in the Rug Book Review

by M. J. Joachim

I am so glad I downloaded Pat Hatt’s Cassie children’s book series to my kindle this week! I need look no further whenever I need a laugh! The antics of these two friends, Cassie and the Wild Cat are positively hysterical.

Earlier this week I read Cassie & the Wild Cat Meet and Greet. Today, it only made sense to continue with the series, because I had so much fun the first time around. So today I read Cassie & the Wild Cat Bug in the Rug. As expected, I was not disappointed at all.

From the very beginning, where Cassie and Wild Cat are clearly stuffed, going back in time, through the journey of how they go that way, I found myself smiling and laughing out loud at these two crazy cats. Wild Cat obviously has won Cassie’s heart and he in turn would do anything for her.

Together they “confront” (I use the term loosely here), the little critter who tries to outsmart them – the bug in the rug. Think Tom & Jerry cartoons for a moment. Only Cassie and Wild Cat are Tom – two against one, I know, but hey, great minds think alike. You can’t help but love all the characters, and as much as you want to cheer on one or the other, you simply can’t do that either, because all of these characters are positively charming, mischievous and way too much fun.

Cassie & the Wild Cat Bug in the Rug definitely has a place on my Recommended Reading Page at the top of this blog. Even if you don’t have kids, you’ll get a kick out of this one!

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