Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Arizona May Days

by M. J. Joachim
Updated November 6, 2015

Ah life! And then we make cheesecake – something I’ll be starting tomorrow for the gathering expected here on Saturday. We do what we do; priorities and routines a guideline charting the path of our existence.

April was focused primarily on blogging every day. May is focused on family and the end of the school year. My two daughters finish their last college exams today, the oldest achieving her college degree after years of hard work and study. My son still has a few weeks to finish out his third year of high school. Hopefully the weather will continue to favor these last days before the extreme heat kicks in and makes it almost impossible to think or function.

I’ve been cleaning – stepping back and doing some of those annual deep and dirty jobs that can’t be ignored, especially with monsoon season right around the corner.

Gardening season is almost at an end, though some die-hard gardeners make a point to work in the yard even when it’s 118 degrees Fahrenheit outside. I’ve thought about it, but something always holds me back – like common sense and the knowledge that no matter how hard you try, Mother Nature has a way of turning you into a fool, either by frying your plants or giving you heat ailments that mess with your body for weeks.

Instead, I prepare the house and get it ready to be the cool retreat for anyone seeking shelter from the storm – dust storms, to be exact, extreme heat, torrents of rain and flashes of lightning. Summer is coming! It’s a site to see in these parts, one you have to experience to understand.

I’ve got some catching up to do in Blog Land still; my pace has slowed, but I’m getting to it as time allows. Spring is in the air in these parts, and I’ll be closed up in my cave before long. There’s still time to walk the dog by the lake and enjoy the breeze. There’s still time to get out and about, before getting in the car is a major production, forcing you to put on gloves just so you can touch the steering wheel because it’s too hot. There’s still time to dig and clean up the yard and prepare it for next year’s seeds. The heat will sterilize the soil, no worries there.

Regarding the cheesecake – gourmet, Grand Marnier with strawberries and candied orange peel. Takes two days to make….yes, cheesecake is my signature dessert, and since we’re celebrating our oldest graduating from college, only the best will do.

Happy Wednesday, good people! Thanks for stopping in and visiting today!

M. J.

Photo credit: U of A, Tucson Arizona, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

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