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X: Riddle Me This Writing Prompts + Writing Tip + Word of the Day

by M. J. Joachim
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Riddle Me This Writing Prompt

The bees buzzed around the xeranthemums in the garden. Xena was allergic to bees; she never feared getting stung by them because she always used X-out bug balm, to keep the bees away. What is X-out bug balm made of?

Writing Tip

Xerox your writing. Keep hard copies of it, so you don’t lose it if anything happens to your computer.

Word of the Day
Xi: fourteenth letter of Greek alphabet

Photo credit:  CCO Public Domain

xiphias:  swordfish

Photo credit:  CCO Public Domain

Xishuangbanna:  the extreme south of Yunnan Province in China

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ximenesia encelioides:  a type of wildflower native to the US and Mexico

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