Thursday, March 7, 2013

Very Inspiring Blogger Award – Round 2

by M. J. Joachim
Hello dear blogging friends. It’s been quite a morning around here, and I’m happy to say, all was an easy fix (a bit time consuming, but relatively easy, all things considered).  Family first, then basic maintenance on the computer to keep it running type thing – I’m sure you’re all more than familiar with the drill.

Incidentally, I used a blow dryer (on cool setting) to blow out all the dust from my computer today. I turned the computer off completely and blew this little necessity of mine, inside, outside and sideways. It worked – much better than sticky notes between keys too!

Another thing, and I can’t stress this enough...I deleted all old email follow-up comments from commenting on blog hops, particularly anonymous comments with dirty links in them. Now I’m not one to click on those links, but just having them on my computer made me uncomfortable. They’re gone – designated to the trash bin and the trash bin has been dumped! My computer is responding better, so maybe these few tips will help you too.

If you missed it, or simply want to refresh your memory, Round 1 is posted here.

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Blogging from A – Z Challenge
Variety is the spice of life. This blog has multiple authors and an absolutely fabulous team. Learn about blogging/writing and being technical on your computer without the capital T, meet fellow bloggers and enjoy all sorts of random information. This is must follow blog for anyone who enjoys blogging as much as I do!

I’m nominating Smashwords because so many of my blogging friends have books out there. This one’s for you, because it’s a wonderful place to self-publish your ebooks. (It’s been a while since I published my ebooks, and yes, I used Smashwords for all of them.)

Ask Sister Mary Martha
All I can say is, go on now, ask her!

Encourage One Another
I do believe the title says it all!

Painting My World
There’s so much beauty in the artwork here, and then to be taught secrets of the trade – beyond wonderful!

I think that about covers everything today.
Thank you for visiting Writing Tips.
Until next time, I wish you every good thing!

M. J.
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