Thursday, March 21, 2013

Regarding Google Reader

by M. J. Joachim

I’ve been giving some thought to the recent Google Reader situation. I’m not sure it is going to put me into much of a quandary, because it seems to duplicate my efforts to follow blogs.


Directly below my dashboard is a list of blogs I follow. The left margin has the entire list; directly to the right of it, in the center, are all blogs currently being updated, as the updates occur.

Throughout the day, I’m visiting my blogger dashboard to post, edit, check comments, stats etc. Whenever I visit, I browse the newest updates on blogs I follow, often taking time to leave a comment in turn.

Wordpress and Other Platforms

Blogs using other platforms usually make it possible to follow by email. Consequently, every time they are updated, I receive their latest post directly in my inbox. (Some blogger blogs let you follow by email too. I happen to appreciate this option a lot, since I’m in my email fairly frequently throughout the day.)

The only catch is that I have a huge list of blogs I’m following, and some of them are clearly outdated or abandoned. Unless they’re posting so I can see the latest, sending me emails or commenting on my blogs (I try to visit all who comment on my blogs as much as possible), I’m not likely to determine their status.

As you search Blog Land for a replacement for Google Reader, it might be good to consider the path of least resistance, meaning follow what is current in your dashboard and email. Respond to those who build a friendly blogging relationship with you.

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M. J.

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