Monday, March 25, 2013

Preparing Blog Posts

by M. J. Joachim

The sense of relief I felt finishing my last crochet design and pattern instructions for this year’s A – Z Challenge yesterday was not short-lived. As I walked past my computer this morning on my way to make coffee, the thought of knowing 26 projects were complete and almost ready to be posted on my blog was almost surreal. This is a task that took months to complete, one I’m more than happy I took the time to do.

Here’s the catch. I probably wouldn’t have designed and crocheted all 26 patterns had it not been for the Challenge. Once I committed to the idea, an idea that popped into my head last November, it was only a matter of research and will. Research to find A to Z projects to make, finished fairly quickly. Even the more “difficult” letters of the alphabet proved to need minimal effort at best.

By January, my creative energies were on overdrive. Looking at all my pictures, downloaded from public domain, GNU, Wiki etc., the first project practically screamed at me, so I started with letter h. It was a no brainer and worked up fast. Even the instructions were easy to write.

All the while, my mind was buzzing with ideas, sorting through dilemmas on how to create certain effects and looking at my supplies. The local craft store made a few dollars on this challenge, but only a few. Our oldest is graduating from college this May; hobbies and crafts are definitely not a priority around here.

One would think I might have driven my family a little bit crazy with all these ideas, patterns and intense moments of concentration, as I prepared Lots of Crochet Stitches for the Challenge this year. Instead, they were excited to see what I would come up with next and more than a little supportive.

There’s more to share on that score, and it’s not only about my crochet blog. As many of you know, I’ve entered more than one blog in this Challenge. This week is a bit of a wind down for me, now that three blogs have 26 posts from A – Z ready to be publicized at their respective times. Two blogs remain a work in progress, but nothing to cause worry or stress.

How are you doing with your preparations for the A – Z Challenge this year? Have they been a source of inspiration and satisfaction? Are you excited or a nervous wreck about one of the biggest blog hops in cyber space?

Thank you for visiting Writing Tips.

M. J.

P. S. I’m also sharing a post about Spam Flattery and Mr. Anonymous Commenter on the A – Z Blog this morning. You’re cordially invited to join the conversation.

Photo credit:  Crochet Hyperbolic Kelp, Margaret Wertheim, Creative Commons Attribution
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