Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Book Review: Words to Love By by Mother Teresa

by M. J. Joachim
Updated 11/18/15

Words to Love By is one of those books you read to inspire your soul, fill your senses and reconnect with the world again. It’s a book that reminds you we’re all in this together, and touches your sense of humanity, providing refreshed incentive, through the essence of providing new and unique perspectives of the suffering in our midst.

I haven’t read it in years – it’s one of my all-time favorites; somehow I knew it was time to pick it up again. I knew the words and their meanings would inspire, comfort and delight my soul. How could they not? The book was written by Mother Teresa.

More than that, this little book reminds us to look outside of ourselves, to be quiet and take action, as opposed to talking about what needs to be done all the time. Just do it already! If you see someone hurting, help them. Don’t analyze their situation, give them worthless words of advice, judge them and leave them to their own devices. Quit discussing everything to death already. Do something! This little book is a huge call to action.

Applied to writing and blogging, I would have to say that means, sit down and write, post, write some more, post some more…apply your skills in such a way that you make a difference with the gift of words that are your talent. It is painfully direct how Mother Teresa feels about words, btw. “Too many words,” she says. “Let them just see what we do.” Not much consolation for the writers in this crowd; none-the-less, we can apply them to our world, and use our words to educate, raise awareness, inspire and call people to action, just the same.

And so dear friends and followers, I offer you a classic – a book all people need to read, to be more in tune with real people in our world. This book will challenge you to become a better human being. It will make you bow your head in shame, for all those times you were way too superficial (and only you knew it). It will inspire you to get back in touch with humanity and reality, striving to be a better person, the person you were truly born to be. I strongly recommend you pick up a copy of Words to Love By today!

That’s all for now, good people. I’m so glad you visited my blog. I hope you’ll share this post, if you believe it might be useful to anyone you know. Thank you for continuing to encourage and support me in my efforts here.

M. J.

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