Thursday, February 21, 2013

Blank Profiles and Creating a Presence in Blog Land

by M. J. Joachim

Networking is the name of the game in Blog Land, so we need to make ourselves easy to find.

Leaving a comment on someone’s blog is a great way to start a conversation, spark an interest, make a new connection and perhaps even develop a friendship. Upon initiation, reciprocation is almost guaranteed to be automatic. 

Live a little and allow for the unexpected. Don’t worry. This is Blog Land. Most of us are pretty darn friendly here!

Blank Profiles

Please take the time to fiddle behind the scenes and make yourself visible. There’s nothing more frustrating for me than clicking on your name, only to see a blank screen. I can’t find your blog. I can’t find any blogs you follow. All I know is that you left me a comment, and I’d like to meet you out there in your part of cyberspace.

If you are on Google +, please, make some of your post public, so people can click on your links, thereby reaching your blog, thereby being able to comment on your blog – providing you make it easy enough to do so, by eliminating over-the-top security measures on them.

Follow Me Where???

Make yourself easy to follow…PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!! I ran into one blog this week – twice! I want to follow it in the worst way…there’s no email…there’s no followers list…it’s a blog, not a website, and the fortress is built mighty tall! I know the name of it and will type it in at random, whenever I have a mind to find out what they’re up to. (They are part of some limited blogging group I don’t want to join.) EASY – that’s the keyword here!

Perhaps you don’t want to be public. That’s okay. Send a note and leave a link privately. If you took the time to comment on someone’s blog, there’s no sense in having a one-way conversation. Whoever it is might truly appreciate your comment, have something to add to it or just want to say “Hi!”

I’m not some mad scientist, working behind the scenes, attempting to ruin anyone’s blogging experience. I’m a blogger just like you – a writer and crafter, sharing my work with the world, like most of the friendly folks you’ll meet here in Blog Land.
C’mon! Take a chance! You might be truly delighted when you discover what you’ve been missing all this time!

That’s all for now,
Thank you for visiting Writing Tips,

M. J.

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