Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Day in the Life of a Writer

by M. J. Joachim
Claiming to be a writer is rarely a problem for those of us who do so. We have an ideal of what a writer’s life should be, and we live it. We spend hours at the computer, typing, deleting, typing some more.

A Day in the Life of a Writer

Wake up. Drink some coffee. Type on the computer.

“Better check in on Facebook, see what everybody’s up to over there. Wonder how many comments and messages I’ve received on my stuff.”

Type some more.

“Oh, better stretch my legs…can’t be good sitting at a computer all day.  Need to get some fresh air anyway. ”

Type some more.

“Must be time for more coffee and a snack. Hmmm. Think I’ll whip up something really good, to get those creative juices flowing.”

Sit down and type a little more.

“Laundry, I better get some laundry done, and the bathrooms are totally grossing me out!”

Sit down at the computer…

“Haven’t checked in with my blogging buddies in a while…”

Enjoy catching up on the blogging scene…a lot!

Look at computer and stare right over the top of it…

Notice family photo on the bookshelf in the distance…

“Reading. That will spur the energy and help me think of something new.”

Wander aimlessly through the house, searching for the perfect book to read.

“Man, I’ve hardly written anything all day. This writing is such hard work.”

Hours go by…

Days go by…

Weeks go by…then months and possibly even years.

This is the daily life of a writer, but only if you choose it to be.

Thank you for checking in with me today.

See you tomorrow with a few important writing tips for this little dance.

Best to all,

M. J.

Photo credit:  Portrait of Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos at his desk, Francisco de Goya (1746 – 1828), PD - US
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