Thursday, January 24, 2013

Steve Martin, the Writer

by M. J. Joachim
If you had asked me what I think about comedian Steve Martin last week, I probably would have replied with a typical, “He’s that wild and crazy guy,” comment so many of us retort with, upon mentioning his name.

Now that I’ve read his autobiography, Born Standing Up, however, I must add his name to the growing list of writers, I so enthusiastically admire. It’s a relatively short book, to be sure, one that every writer (and wannabe writer) could benefit from reading, in my opinion.

Martin’s book is more than a chronology of events. It’s a relatable story – one I’m cerain many of us can see ourselves in, because throughout the book, he’s personal and intimate, without holding back. You can tell which parts of Steve’s story were a bit more sentimental, and which parts ticked him off too. You can also tell the book was edited by professionals. That’s a big plus, if you ask me.

One of the interesting things I learned about Steve Martin while reading his autobiography, is that he is in fact a writer first and foremost. He’s also a professional businessman, something he had to grow into, work at and learn how to be throughout the long and sometimes tedious years of his adult life.

Like many of us, Martin was plagued with your standard family dysfunctional moments – things that affected him while he was on the road and hashing out the details of his career. The impact those early relationships had on him, made him the writer and comedian he is today.

I’m inclined to revisit all those past movies and Saturday Night Live episodes Steve Martin starred in with a new set of eyes, having read this genuine and heartfelt story about a real person, who chose comedy as the means to earn his income, and just by chance took home the grand prize when he did.

Until next time, I wish you well.

M. J.

p.s. Learned something new today regarding Internet Safety and posted it here. When I saw this on the news, it sent chills up my spine, got me to react and inspired an article. After all, some things are just plain wrong and shouldn’t be allowed to happen at all!

Photo credit:  Wikimedia Commons, GNU Free Documentation License. Towpilot, Steve Martin in Sweden
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