Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How to Take a Blogging Hiatus

by M. J. Joachim
Updated 11/20/15

All things considered, blogging can be quite a lot of work. Posting regularly and often, enhancing posts with pictures and other special effects, researching and including appropriate links, formatting etc. Then you have to take proper security measures and keep your blog updated and running smoothly all the time. It’s only natural to opt to take a blogging hiatus sometimes, when you completely unplug and don’t worry about your blog at all.

As with most things, there are a couple of do’s and don’ts in this regard. My biggest pet peeve is when people complain while taking their blogging hiatus. They begin with this huge negative vibe, sending out messages about how hard it is to blog, or carry on about why they aren’t blogging and don’t have time to blog. This is one sure way to get me to take their blog off my list of blogs to visit all the time.

Taking a blogging hiatus is as easy as not blogging for a while. You don’t even need to say anything. All you need to do is stop. People will still visit your blog. A few of them might wonder how you are doing, especially if you’re gone for a long time, but no one will be too upset if you skip the negativity and let the silence or lack of your posts do the rest.

If you must say something, keep it light and easy. Leave a “Gone Fishing” sign or “Will be back later” note. You certainly aren’t required to explain your whereabouts to anyone who visits your blog, and if they are faithful followers, they’ll probably be more than a little bit understanding that life took you away for a time, especially if they are bloggers themselves. If not, it’s doubtful anyone will consider you a total flake for getting too busy to blog for a time.

Life happens and we are all real people with real lives. Everyone knows that, and if they don’t, that’s more likely their problem than yours. So take a blogging hiatus if you need one, and don’t worry about all the other stuff happening in cyberspace. It will be there when you get back, and all will be well. The world will keep spinning and life will go on as it always does, because to be honest, there really isn’t any other alternative for it.

Because we all need a break from time to time, and explaining such things is not a requirement for anyone.

Best to you and yours. Enjoy your time off.

M. J.

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