Monday, September 24, 2012

First Impressions on Edgar Allen Poe’s Poem, Eldorado

by M. J. Joachim
Eldorado – land of eternal rest…

Simplicity is the first word that comes to mind when reading Edgar Allen Poe’s poem called Eldorado.

Perhaps it’s just me, I can’t be sure. However, when I read this poem, all I can picture is a knight traveling on from place to place, searching for a land he instinctively knows exist, but for whatever reason, can’t seem to find.

It must be a bit maddening to know about something, want it and have no reasonable prospects of getting it. All one can do is accept that it’s not time to have it yet. Poe is quick to point out that regardless of all effort, if it isn’t time to have something, you aren’t going to get it, no matter how hard you try.

Did Poe have a death wish? Somehow, I don’t think so. Rather I think he was aware of eternity, and in tune with the fact that life is a journey, to be lived until such a time, as one eventually meets eternal destiny.

Poe doesn’t offer excuses or copouts in Eldorado. He quite plainly exhorts the knight to ride boldly, pointing at shadows along the way. Life is full of shadows, isn’t it? Sickness, accidents, self-destruction…each of these and many more things lend themselves to mini-shadows that could ultimately be our demise, and often surprise us when they’re not. Don’t you agree?

Eldorado is a poem about living life, traveling the journey, growing old and gallantly crossing the finish line. It is a simple poem, meant to lift up the spirit and rejoice in the life it proclaims.

That’s all for now, good people! Until next time, I wish you wellJ

M. J.

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