Monday, May 21, 2012

Writing Investigation #3: Dealing with Mega Topics

Last Saturday night, May 19, 2012, I spent some time researching and writing a humanitarian biography about Janusz Korczak for my site, Effectively Human. It was a dark tale, one that truly makes one’s soul cringe and wonder how any population can become subject to such horrors by its government.

My task became one of deciphering which was more important, emphasis on Korczak’s unwavering devotion to the children – children destined to die at the hands of Nazi’s, or I could touch on all aspects of his life, providing limited details of each. As you will see if you read the article, I chose to emphasize the former.

Some topics are simply too charged and explosive to take all at once. The mind and heart cannot always grasp or digest volumes of material, which rightfully need to be presented in turn. Writers offer alternatives to their audience, providing small snippets of important information about a given topic. Each little piece is part of a larger scenario – much like the pieces of a puzzle, which ultimately create an entire scene.

Now it’s your turn, good people…

How do you break down your stories and articles, for greater emphasis on important details?

Which subjects or topics do you find hardest to write about, because they simply seem too big to address? Do you generalize and address them anyway? Do you avoid those BIG TOPICS altogether? Do you categorize and create snippets to get your main point across?

We’re all in this together as writers, so please share your thoughts in the comments. Let’s work together to provide the best possible content we can for our audience. Thank you for your participation.

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Photo Credit: Wikicommons, Public Domain