Sunday, May 13, 2012

Writing Investigation #2: Focusing on Details

Amidst all the vegetables and broth, one solitary chunk of potato settled in the midst of the chaos of its hodge-podge surroundings. “Trouble maker,” chided the other ingredients in the pot. “How dare you position yourself like that!”

The lonely potato knew it had done nothing wrong. The master had been stirring the pot periodically for hours. Each time, he scooped up the little potato chunk and tested it for tenderness. Each time, he gently placed it back in the center of the pot, smiling at how tough this little piece of potato truly was.

Even before this particular potato was prepped and simmered in the pot with all the other vegetables, the master understood its viability. The hidden depths of this potato were certainly immeasurable and unable to be quantified. There was something spectacular about the essence of this potato, something that challenged the other ingredients in the pot – making them want to put this one in its place and shatter its relevance and importance among the others.

Now it’s your turn, good people…

Again I use symbolism to describe a scene that is all too common among people. This time, however, I drew on specific details and to illustrate my message using imagery. I want to tap into the emotions of my readers with this piece, touching on something we’ve probably all experienced at some point in our lives.  And so I ask you…

What is your first reaction to this piece? What feelings does it awaken in your heart and mind?

Are you inclined to want to do something about your emotions, or are you more likely to control the way they make you feel? (Fight or flight response...)

If you were writing a conclusion to this story, what would it be? How would it reflect your feelings about the story being told?

Please share your responses in the comments. If you read a response from other visitors that causes you to pause and think about things, engage in the conversation with them. Let’s use this particular investigation as a community forum, where we can politely converse and learn from each other. I’m looking forward to reading what you have to say. Thank you for your participation in Writing Investigation #2.

Oh yes, one more thing…

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