Sunday, May 6, 2012

Writing Investigation #1: Writing Prompts and Symbolism

The opportunity to clean the window did not escape me, nor did its significance in the grand scheme of things. I could easily have used my writing prowess to belligerently attack the notion, without any regard for the importance of restraint.

As I looked at the impregnated view from my distance down the hallway, it was obvious the entire scene could be reduced to rubbish from its filth. My task would be to stifle the opposition – the tension building up within my bones upon surveying the undiminished situation. What harm did a few unexpected cobwebs along archways and in corners truly cause, especially when they could so easily be wiped away, never to be seen again?

Tackling the task of cleaning the window seemed rather trivial, upon realizing the greater opportunity at hand.

That window…

That particularly spectacular window…

Was not a view to be gazed at from afar.

It was an opportunity to soar with the heavens

Commissioning my spirit to take flight!

Writing Investigation #1

Now it’s your turn, good people. Consider the following questions about what I have written. Please share your thoughts and answers in the comments.
  1. What could be the true symbolism in this article? What do you think it is referring to?
  2. How does this article challenge your mind to visualize specific details? Do you wonder what they mean and why I chose to use specific words and phrases?
  3. If given the option to write a piece, based on the picture shown and including the word “opportunity,” how will you respond?

The last question was my task. This is what I came up with for various reasons. A future blog post in the making, I am sure. Suffice to say, I discovered this writing prompt and chose to participate in the challenge associated with it yesterday. From the moment I knew I was in, I mulled it over, gazing at the picture numerous times while deciding how to approach my task. Filtering outside influences was not an option – and in fact, a few of those outside influences flamed my creativity for this post. 

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