Saturday, May 5, 2012

Woohoo! It’s My Very First Blog Award!

OMG! Dana, author of My… (scratch that) The Daily Dose just made me the recipient of my very first blogging awardJ Barely had my cup of coffee in hand, let alone the fortification that comes with it, and she’s proving to me that I actually can open my eyes and read without the caffeine energy boost that always starts my day! Thanks, Dana! This is so exciting and way too much funJ

As a newbie, please be patient with me while I figure out the rules…

Hmmm…10 little known facts about me…where to start…where to start….

Oh, here’s a good one…

I married the boy next door, literally. (Okay, he actually lived 4 doors down, but who’s counting when you live that close to each other, right?)

Sewing machines drive me bonkers! I can use them well enough … when I absolutely have to, but if given the choice to sew by machine or by hand…I’m the one picking up the needle and thread and sitting on the couch to make my seams.

I use a pen name. (Long story – destined to be a post on this blog someday…) My real name is Teresa.

Contrary to popular belief, being the youngest to 7 older brothers and sisters does not spoil you! It builds your character (sometimes in ways you never thought possible!)

I make a clear distinction between the Catholic faith and the Catholic institution. I love my Catholic faith, cooperate with its institution and trust God to sort out the details.

Effectively Human is my website. I came up with an idea, shared it with some friends and have been working at it since last fall ever since. It’s not turning out exactly the way I thought it would, but that won’t prevent me from adding to it as often as I can.

Change has been one of the greatest blessings in my life!

I always dreamed of wearing a long gray braid in my old age. Having managed with very long hair for a number of years, and having recently cut it to shoulder length, I’m thinking it’s a nice idea. However, it might be a little too much work to keep those locks tangle free and shiny all the time.

Before I was positively off the market and more than a little happily married to my wonderful husband of almost 20 years, I absolutely refused to date boys with the last name of Smith. Any guesses as to why?

Getting my hair done isn’t even on the list of things I can’t live without. Keeping it clean and neat is more than enough for me; spending time at the hairdresser prevents me from doing so many other things that are much more important…like hanging out with my amazing family, enjoying the company of phenomenal friends (both on and off line) and releasing my creative energy in a multitude of ways.

Sharing the Love now…  <3 <3 <3

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