Sunday, May 27, 2012

Short-hand Confusion Regarding Email and Text Messages

Words are very powerful indeed. They have the power to convey intense emotions detailed with every joy and horror we experience – or fictionalize, as the case may be. How is it then that an article or letter can elicit vibrant meaning, but a text message or email can be lost so easily in translation?

Most of us have experienced the occasional “oops” in such matters, the one where we give up and say something to the effect of, “Just call me. That’s not what I meant at all.”

Then again, what if that was what we meant, and the confrontation is more than we expected – encouraging us to back down for the sake of whatever else might be at stake?

Which leads me to the obvious conclusion…

Words should not be wasted!

They should not be wasted on trivial matters …or people.
They should not be wasted in meaningless conversation.
They should not be wasted for the sole sake of getting someone’s attention.
They should not be wasted on literary gibberish…

Oh, who am I kidding?!

Of course they should be wasted on literary undertakings!!!
Authors are the geniuses that rarely seem to make sense. They use words to expose, demand and resolve the quirks and happenings of historical and current events. They meander about all sorts of things, sharing unique perspectives that oftentimes make a difference in the smallest (and largest) of ways.

I’m still puzzled about the texting and email misunderstandings. If we are truly writing what we mean, and meaning to say what we write, how can a shortened version of it become such a problem? Unless, of course, we’re the ones being cajoled into changing our minds, based on the reaction and response we receive when we do so?

Ah, the power of words!

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